Live DAO Timeline of events and history

Hey guys,

So I’m sitting here thinking, it seems there is one big piece missing which can add a lot of value to DAO and by extension to ENS.

Everytime I open yet another project page, or DAO page best case scenario - there would be FORUM, TEAM, ROADMAP, PROJECT DESCRIPTION, these kind of things, the problem here is that content is static. None of that tells you how is project doing live and what is happening.

So here is the idea, for someone to build a page, or even incorporate it into site maybe and get someone to follow and populate it regularly, every week maybe?

It would contain continuously updated history of milestones - and by milestones I mean here very broadly any ENS events.

There is a lot of stuff going with ENS - for example KARMA site not a minor feat at all, ethleaderboard - not minor feat !AT ALL!, not to mention voting proposals, various ecosystem integration milestones, talks done by the team, number of exchanges where ENS is listed, significant growth metrices from DUNE and so on. It has be curated of course, person would need to make sense what is worthy of adding to this timeline, and how it improves image of ENS.

From the outsider perspective it’s not immediately obvious what is going on with ENS. For average user to make sense of what’s happening he would need to go and dig into forum AND discord AND twitter (and not just one twitter, but several twitters even, because there are several people who are communicating significant information on ENS)

Moreover lets take Nick’s account for example - it would contain materially important information such as news / stats on airdrop modification also some information about birds seen in the vicinity and how said birds were fed :stuck_out_tongue: by Nick

→ The main purpose of such resource would be to demonstrate that project is ALIVE and there are people who are actively working on building it from all over the place. There are tons of dead projects out there, or projects which are active, but may seem dead, and thats where ENS can differentiate itself.

→ Secondary purpose is of course to provide comprehensive coverage of ENS to various agents, including media even. As I pointed above for newbie its totally impossible to see complete picture without doing comprehensive research, well lets make it easy for them - after all this is the major goal - ADOPTION. It would be easier to reach adoption if new comer to community could just open a single page and with a glance see everything whats going on.

For example here is one of my favourite small pieces - - this is great read, FANTASTIC read even, specifically built for someone who just discovered ENS and looking to understand a bit more what this is all about, but I can promise you this - this “hypothetical newcomer” will never ever not in million life times will find it, sorry @jefflau.eth but thats the truth. However if there was such resource as I described above target audience would be able to find it easily.

Maybe someone from community section can take ownership of such resource?


hey @SpikeWatanabe.eth this is a great idea! I will move this post to the Community category, so the Community WG can start to figure out who might be interested in working on this project and discuss the idea further.

Tagging @Coltron.eth as lead coordinator of the Community WG, and @zadok7 as someone who might be interested and well placed to contribute.

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I think even just having someone or a few people pushing out “press releases” [hate to use old terminology] to crypto news websites would be nice.



Can you submit a request for a subgroup on this topic? Community WG Request for Subgroups

You do not need to have a lead coordinator assigned, but we should get this listed as an official subgroup and allow the community to come together on this.

I’m not sure what the core teams thoughts are, but with the forthcoming manager and website front-end work I personally think it would be a good stroke to get these ideas represented and integrated. @jefflau.eth @taytems @alisha.eth

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I think we would use certain sub-sections of data from a source like this in manager v2, but I’m not entirely sure that it would make sense to implement a DAO timeline (managed by the community WG) on a site where you would constantly need some sort of approval for it from TNL.

Similarly, an implementation into the upcoming manager would be at least some time away at this point and I think that you might want to look into a more immediate solution using a third-party service.

Maybe you could look at adding it to the governance docs gitbook?

I would love to see someone take up the mantle of writing a weekly “this week in ENS” newsletter.


Love this idea. I could see a small team of writers/editors accomplishing this together. Some section ideas could be:

  • review of recently passed vote. ie summary, links to topics on it, outcome
  • info about an upcoming vote ie. links to spaces about it, topics
  • Simple/short summary by each of 4 Working Groups.
  • Integration highlight - show off some news in this area
  • tech corner ie. info about protocol, updates?

I think a newsletter will be very helpful. Could even connect when EPNS? I guess this is a long range vision for such a newsletter/timeline. Maybe we don’t start this robust, but grow it?


I volunteer as tribute. But don’t want to do it alone.


@alisha.eth Shared Gitcoin’s DAO’s Digest on Discord. This could be a good model to fork initially; it’s simple and effective.

To start, I would be in favor of similarly posting an ENS weekly newsletter on the forum to emphasize this as a hub of information.

Long-range, explore other hosting options as both @SpikeWatanabe.eth and @zadok7 have mentioned.

If anyone wants to take ownership of creating a template, identifying topics and composing a draft, I would fully support this as a Community Steward. I would ensure that it is rolled into the budget proposal and first-term roadmap for our WG.

I imagine that a first edition could be accomplished fairly quickly by one or two contributors with a vision, and it would undoubtably add value.