Mailboxes for addresses at

Hi, I would like to add support for mailboxes to, but I want to first better understand domain registration, verification and if there are any edge cases I should watch for.

As far as I understand when I register I can claim it with ENS and wallets/dapps will be able to resolve to address set in DNS entry.

From my perspective the only thing users would need to do is to set MX record pointing to domain (and probably some DMARC stuff to properly validate as mail server).

Now, the validations I need to do when someone sends email to is:

  • Check if DNS antry with eth address matches address from resolving (or can I omit this check?)
  • Check that resolves to eth address (email address is valid from my perspective)

Am I thinking about it correctly?

The mail will be routed to address resolved for but might also be CCed to address for