Making TokenScript work with ENS

I’m here with Victor from AlphaWallet, and we’re discussing how to make TokenScript-enabled ENS 721s. They’ve volunteered to right all of the TokenScript files for us as long as we can sign the resultant tokenscript with the official ENS key (several ways to do this, but signing with’s SSL key is probably the easiest).

If we can suggest some predefined actions that’d like mobile ENS users to have access to. The most obvious of these are:

  • Add/delete subdomain
  • transfer domain
  • Adding/removing records

If you can think of any other common actions for them to implement, please chime in below.

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The most important action is being able to set what address your name resolves to. After that, I’d say that buying a domain, buying a subdomain (via the FIFS or ENSNow registrar) are the highest priority.

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@nickjohnson @virgil Thanks for making this post!

We are currently working on creating this TokenScript but have hit a few issues in the client itself, you can see the progress for the TokenScript file here:

Will be adding other key features too