Manager displaying ENS name as [unknownHEXHEX].eth

Hey all, I was just reviewing some names I registered back in 2017 to get them migrated and I’m seeing a handful of them are displaying as [unknownXXXXXX].eth and I can’t seem to find anyone else discussing this or find reference to this in documentation. Forgive me if I’m just blind, but does anyone have input on what this means? I reviewed the ENS name in etherscan and the name resolves just fine there, and the registration TX looks like everything went through normally. I’m hoping to get this figured out before I get everything permanently migrated. Thanks for taking a look!

EDIT: Ok, if I look up the name directly it resolves from there on out. I’m assuming it has something to do with that name not being looked up previously so there was no hash to associate with the name and then cache. Nevermind! (Leaving this for posterity in case someone else ends up looking into this).

I get a similar error on virgilgr.eth

Correct. We have a large lookup table we use to figure out the name behind a hash, but it’s not populated for every possible name.