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Dear all Ens enthusiasts,

in my opinion, there are some unfortunate omissions toward foreign communities, which definitely will impact negatively on the growth of Ens. We as a community should help, support and encourage others to participate by translation, supported video conference, and so on.

Ens users defiantly are from different communities all around the world, which will increase the demand and help with estimations of value, for instance, if the user claimed Ens username that is directly connected to the user background and culture it will be only overestimated from another user but from the same background. An example of that is when a user claims his city name.

I think there should be rewards for volunteers to participate in all possible ways to help both the Ens community and their own communities under the supervision of the Ens representative.


Hi @kwd.eth good to see your post! Yes, the Working Groups have begun, and translation is a priority. :point_down: Turn on notifications for this topic:


There will be some updates very soon in that area of the Community Working Group. @spencecoin is organizing some of that and may need contributors like yourself! Could I ask what languages you’d like to translate?


Hey guys,

I was reading a proposal by IETF for a request by ICANN to propose language generation rulesets for root zone labels.

So what they first looked at was the application of transitive sequence relationships and a superaltern logic for vowels and consonants.

Take the following in Korea and English:

“하!” translates to “HA!” (both are consonant then vowel)

Using the transitive rulesets for superaltern logic (consonant, vowel)

(a/) (a) is equal to (a/) (b) equal to (b/) (c)

then (a/) (c) equal to

So something like this I suppose for making ENS more equitable for the whole world?

I would like to passively join you in this space as it evolves.

@zadok7 @kwd.eth @spencecoin


@kwd.eth I agree with you!

We should have more translation opportunities in the coming months. It would be great for you to be involved.

Additionally, if you have any specific ideas for projects that you want to implement and would like support from the DAO, consider requesting a Community working group subgroup. You can message me if you have any questions about the process.

Definitely sign up for notifications as @zadok7 has suggested. :pray:


Yes I think so, global equity all round.
First thought on this though would be UTS-46.

Okay, enjoy the processes.

@Coltron.eth @zadok7 @kwd.eth

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