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This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Meta-Governance Working Group category.

What are Subgroups?

Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

A subgroup might have a particular function, be focused on a specific initiative, or simply be a topic of interest. Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

Subgroup Lead Coordinator

When submitting a request, for a subgroup identify who you would like to be the point of contact for the subgroup. The purpose of a Lead Coordinator is to have a point of contact for communication. The Lead Coordinator can be updated at any point.

Submit a Request

Reply to this thread with the following information in your subgroup request. Please tag the lead coordinator in your reply.

Subgroup Name:
Subgroup Lead Coordinator:
Purpose of Subgroup:
Potential Contributors (# or names):
Additional Comments:


The approval of a subgroup may result in either the creation of a tag within the Meta-Governance category, or the creation of a sub-category.


For questions about the creation of sub-groups in the Meta-Governance working group category, contact the Q1/Q2 stewwards @simona_pop, @jmj, or @james.

This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Meta-Goverannce Working Group category.

Credit to @coltron.eth for the post template.


Subgroup Name: DAO - gov
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @natebeck
Purpose of Subgroup: Establish frameworks and structures to support DAO governance. Examples include contributor compensation, transparency, communication, metrics, and prioritization processes. See detailed post here.
Potential Contributors:: Contributors needed (please volunteer!)


Team, sorry for my silence on the sub-group. I needed to step away and let the drama play out with the Brantly situation etc…I hope to reengage after EthDenver.


Based on the conversation happening around DAO Bylaws, I propose the subgroup DAO-Governance be created as a category in the forum.

The Bylaws project would fall within this subgroup, but the subgroup wouldn’t be limited to this exclusively. Instead, any work that relates to the governance processes of the DAO will fall under this subgroup. This however would be the first piece of work produced by this subgroup, which is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling.

If you strongly disagree with the creation of this subgroup, please give this post a thumbs down. When this post gets 5 thumbs up (plus 2 thumbs ups from Meta-Gov stewards), the subgroup will be created in the forum.

I know that @natebeck already put forward a subgroup request for this above. Based on this particular piece of work on bylaws emerging naturally and the fact that nothing has really progressed yet, I nominate @berrios.eth to be the Lead coordinator for this subgroup based on the amount of context berrios.eth has for this initial project. Feel free to voice objections, or decline the nomination berrios.eth.

Required action: If you are happy for this subgroup to be a forum category, give this post a thumbs up.

Please note that this subgroup already has funding allocated to it for Term 1, as it was always going to be a fundamental subgroup within the Meta-Gov WG, it just wasn’t clear until now what the first action item would be.

Please do not reply to this post if you are interested in participating in this subgroup. Let’s get the subgroup category created first, and then coordinate with posts specifically in that category.


Subgroup Name: DAO Tooling
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @alisha.eth

The Meta-Gov budget that was recently passed by the DAO on Snapshot included a DAO Tooling subgroup. While the description states that the DAO Tooling subgroup should create tools that improve the transparency and visibility of metrics related to the DAO and ENS, I just realized I think that might be jumping the gun.

From a tooling perspective, this subgroup should focus on putting in place the tools and infrastructure that the DAO needs to operate (a) at all and (b) effectively. Once that matter is resolved, the subgroup can shift attention to tooling for transparency.

Side Note: This subgroup would be where conversations are had between different projects in the community who are able to provide services to the ENS DAO and the ENS community. Not only is this important for the ENS DAO, but part of what we are doing here is laying a roadmap for other DAOs and communities to learn from. DAO tooling projects having a dedicated space to communicate their value proposition, and work through onboarding the ENS DAO transparently is a public good imo.

I nominate myself to be the Lead Coordinator for this subgroup for the remainder of this term.

Action Required: If you strongly disagree with the creation of this subgroup, please give this post a thumbs down, otherwise give it a thumbs up. When this post gets 5 thumbs up (plus 2 thumbs ups from Meta-Gov stewards), the subgroup will be created in the forum. Please wait until the subgroup category has been created before expressing your interest to participate in this subgroup.


Definitely agree on this idea, if there’s anything I or anyone in the public goods subgroup can do to help let me know. It’s clear that more formality around DAO Bylaws would be a public good even beyond ENS.

And to be sure my heart above is also a thumbs up (I’m just not allowed to change it after posting).


Hi, this seems like the right place to ask.

Was there a Treasury Management subgroup proposed? It looks like it’s currently rolled into the overall Meta-Governance sub-group but it’s not clear if this is a call for contributors for the overall Meta Governance WG or specifically for the subgroup writing the Bylaws.

Either way, I’d like to volunteer to contribute.


Very good point. I have been trying to get some momentum going for an “independent” auditing subgroup including treasury management.

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Hey @inplco and @Cannabusiness.eth can you please transfer your conversation to the Treasury Management category under the Meta-Governance category. This is the existing subgroup that would deal with this topic.


Trying to reinvigorate this thread. Besides the DAO Tooling subgroup, any other active subgroups emerging out of this so far?

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