Meta Mask wallet and ENS bug? Can anyone advise?

Can anybody tell me what the average price to renew a basic ens name would be if the ether gas prices are around 125 gwei ? I am getting an unusually high gas limit setting in meta mask every time i try to renew the name. To swap on uni right now is about 60 bucks per transaction. I being told ens renewal is 1,400 dollars in gas fees. Can someone please advise. Could this be a bug between meta and ens?

It sounds like you’re seeing a transaction that would revert - and your wallet is probably warning you about that too. It should be around 60k gas. Can you send me the ENS name you’re trying to renew?

Thanks for responding. the gas limit is automatically setting to 6281462 when trying to perform the renewal. When I manually change it to 60k the gas fee seems accurate, Do you think the transaction will process at 60? Im trying to renew Thanks again

No, if the gas estimation is that high it’s because it thinks it will revert. Just changing the gas limit will waste your money (though less of it!)

When I try and renew your name, the gas estimation looks fine. Have you checked your Metamask is connected to mainnet?

My Metamask seems to be good to go, even tho I don’t have any eth gas in there currently, my wallet is estimating accurate gas costs on all other sites. For some reason it’s only inaccurate with ENS.

I guess this is the help desk, if not sorry, please point me to it. I just bought touchon.eth and it took hours for the process to complete incredibly slow and I think I got double charged a couple of times in my metamask wallet. I am wondering if that is going to be corrected and my overpaid eth returned to my wallet. I assume staff can look at the transactions

The other thing is, can I change over to my touchon.eth name in metamask so that when I am on sites like my touchon.eth name shows up instead of my eth address? If so how to I do that?

Thanks in advance
Cecil Touchon

You can ask support at discord channel but it is highly unlikely that ENS charged registration fee twice. It is more likely that you send multiple step 1 transactions that went to Ethereum miners and we won’t be able to refund.

That can be done by setting the reverse record. Please follow this guide

Any Suggestions for me Makoto?  Im still having them same problem as stated above, only with ENS no other site.  Meta Mask is setting to an unusually high gas limit  when trying to Renew my name .  Can you Offer any advise ? Again this is not happening on any other site.