Migrate domain from interim to permanent if your wallet is not domain owner?

Is it possible to migrate a domain name from the interim registrar to the permanent registrar via a call to the contract from a wallet other than the owners wallet?

Hey, all names in interim registrar have been migrated into permanent registrar when we did registry migration back in Feb. Please read more detail here https://medium.com/the-ethereum-name-service/ens-registry-migration-is-over-now-what-a-few-things-to-know-fb05f921872a

Hi @matoken.eth,

Thanks for the reply. I was slightly confused by the FAQ page:

So, given that all domains have been transferred to the permanent registrar, I guess my question is:
Is it possible for someone to renew a domain name that they don’t own? (i.e. from an wallet address other than the one that owns the domain).

Sorry if the terminology is a bit off, I am just getting back into eth dev in general. Very exciting, but a lot to pick up again.

Yes, anyone can renew any name. Just go to app.ens.domains and search your domain name. You should find the renew button as long as connected via dapp browser or metamask