Mission Statement Brainstorming Session #2

Hello frENS

It’s time for round two. A summary of last weeks call is here.


  1. Discuss the highlighted statements from last week
  2. Riff on the existing statements to see if there are better formulations
  3. Select 4 statements

After the call, a twitter poll with four statements selected in step #3 will be created. Hopefully, we can get folks to amplify the tweet to get community engagement. The results and suggestions from the broader community will be discussed in the following call.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89996010401

Mission Statements From Last Week:

  1. To provide a truly unique, human-readable identity across all of web3.
  2. To create the future of online identity, for everything.
  3. Enable people to work, play, and organize using decentralized, censorship-resistant tools that require no permission
  4. The mission of ENS is to connect identities consistently to make the internet easier and more accessible for everyone
  5. Your name for the future of the internet
  6. To provide complete ownership of identity as a public good for all - across the web and beyond.
  7. Map human-readable names to machine-readable identifiers from across the web
  8. Lead the way to an accessible web3, where everyone can easily interact with DApps, DAOs, and smart contracts.
  9. The global empowerment of people, organizations, and smart contracts through continued development of a decentralized, human-readable naming standard as a global public good.

In addition to above there were a couple suggested in the thread linked above.

  1. To expand the benefits of web3 to all by making it easier to use.

  2. We believe that an open, decentralised, reliable and accessible identity system is a fundamental building block of the future of the Internet. Our mission is to operate, maintain, improve and increase adoption of the Ethereum Name Service in ways that protect and promote decentralisation and inclusiveness.

  3. To provide everyone with a unique online identity, usable everywhere.


Will this be recorded?
Not sure I can make it due to work.

I will do a thorough summary. We don’t have plans to post recordings anywhere even if we do end up recording it.

Sorry guys, great community and I was a little whimsy with my post.

Look forward to meeting many of you.

Thank you.
I assume I will find the notes here in the forum?

That’s the plan @kyrers.eth!

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Should we put links out on social media to this thread?

I’d be worried that it would make this unmanageable. I’d rather keep posting here and in discord and go out to the community once we narrow it down a bit.

Sounds good. I’m just going to be listening this time.
edit - this was a lie :sweat_smile: I really enjoyed this discussion.