Mobile app for short name auction


We (Tasit Labs) would like to build a proof-of-concept native mobile app for the upcoming ENS short name auction. Thoughts?

Long version:

The primary motivation is to make it as easy as possible to make bids on short ENS names that weren’t preregistered during the manual phase.

Having a mobile app fits well with the new push for wider adoption of ENS.


  1. We’re thinking that this would be a stand-alone native mobile app in React Native, not a PWA (progressive web app) within a dapp browser app.
  2. Using React Native does leave the option open of using the same codebase to build for a mobile PWA deployment target in the future using react-native-web, which is nice.
  3. React Native also means that it would work on both iOS and Android.
  4. Finally, the fact that the manager app on the web is built with React means it will be easier for the same engineers to contribute to multiple front-end apps.

Feature set
Open to suggestions, but push notifications on mobile would be very convenient for this use case.

Past experience
Here’s an example of a 3rd-party native mobile app we recently built that lets you buy Decentraland land and estates:

Decentraland app code

We’re also interested in building a mobile app for simple 7+ character name registrations. A separate post for that will go in the Permanent Registrar WG category on this forum. We’re open to doing either or both.

I could go into a lot more detail here, but I’d like to keep this forum post short to get people’s initial reactions to the idea itself.

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