My airdropped ens was transferred due to a fraudulent wallet.

My airdropped ens was transferred due to a fraudulent wallet. Can you help me get it back? What about my domain name?
Because the secret key of my wallet has been leaked to the crook, I want to transfer the ens domain name to myself, but I have been unable to log in to the domain name management backstage.

You are likely out of luck. Any attempt to send funds to be used as gas to transfer the domain name will likely be immediately drained. There are ways to do this using flashloans, etc - but likely too complicated to be worth it. If you did not have registered very long, you could simply wait for the ens name to expire and then claim it using a more secure wallet.

As for your ens, it is gone, sorry.

thank your answer. If I don’t have ens, can I still have the power to airdrop and vote?

You may wish to write your own contract and consider sign the tx privately using flashbots. Not an easy job unless you really have a large bag to claim. I’m sorry to hear your story like this. Stay safe.

unfortunately, no. They’re gone. Such is the nature of ethereum, Sorry :frowning:

You can purchase ENS on uniswap if you wish to join the DAO and have your voice carry voting power.

I was out of gas when ens transferred in. It was sent back out to contract.
I approved my own wallet for transfer, but Im not quite sure that was the right move. I wanted to not delegate my vote and actually participate but my lack of patience and lack of coding knowledge has me ready to throw the computer out the window.
At this point, id rather claim tokens and delegate my voting power to someone who would take the role seriously.

Any assistance would be great, regardless of outcome.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I understand your predicament. I see you claimed your tokens here

Here you transferred them out

At this point they reside here 0x3FF31f13769667F5d8255ef281829a132cbc02c0 where you have consolidated ENS from all your various airdropped addresses.

At this point you should be able to manage your delegation via Tally | Ens using your 0x3FF3…02c0 account. Feel free to delegate to grasponcrypto.eth or peruse here for other delegates!

Problem is, all that happened while I was asleep. I have no idea what that 3FF address is. I wish it was. Lol

Then SOL.

I see. Thanks anyway.

Just to clarify, it sounds like someone has access to your private key or seed phrase. If you still use that account i’d highly suggest not. Also, all of this is assuming you’re referring to 0x135e8f51bb2250cA5B18F4d696AE2eAAA93B496A of which mrjoker.eth is registrant

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That is my address. Which I dont use much, due to lack of anon. But i tend to lean more towards an ignorance excuse, over being scammed.
It looks, at least to me, like everything was worked through a contract.
Which leaves me to believe I can fix the issue.

Ive tried going down the rabbit whole, but have seen that lead to more - than +.
My wifes car was recently repo after losing her job, so I was determined to figure it out seeing as the airdrop was worth 10+k at the time, literally the answer to my prayers.

Then i had some shibaswap weirdness happen a few days later, after moving gas for the ens transaction.
That move saw a -700-1000 worth of tokens.
Again, contracts.

Although ill still probably not use the account much,
I feel its in my best interest to still get to the bottom of what the issues are. Otherwise history is destined to repeat.

And Now is not a great time for these issues, but Im a believer in the fact that it is not more than I can handle. :wink:

I was able to get votes redelegated, so at least my vote should matter this session, im hoping.

Again, thanks for taking the time to give it all a look.

Dont fool yourself. It was through a contract for bot work and automation. Be VERY cautious using that address for anything. Even moving mrjoker.eth will likely be unsuccessful unless you’re good with flashbots and mev. You will likely need to wait for it to expire and rebuy it. Best of luck.