My ENS address had cost me 200$ excess

When I want to buy my ENS address the app showed me about 200$ (gas fee + 5 years registration) but at the end of the registration, it charged me 200$ excess so the total I paid was 400$. it was ridiculous for a simple address.

Registering an ENS is a two step process. At the beginning the app can only estimate based on current gas prices. The gas prices are determined by the Ethereum network, not the ENS foundation or ENS app. When you executed the second transaction the fees likely increased due to network activity.

  1. Wait until fees lowered. If you don’t need to execute the transaction right away, waiting is an option.
  2. Manually adjust the gas price to a much lower value and the transaction will process when the gas price drops down to that level. The risk here is that the gas doesn’t drop for a long time and you can’t process other transactions until this is done.

The only thing the ENS foundation can do to reduce gas fees it to make the smart contract more efficient, but I suspect they have already done this as much as they can.