My ENS domain name

So I made this ENS domain name for my OpenSea account so I can start creating my NFT’s…currently I am labeled “unknown”.
Clearly new to all this and I’ve done what I think I’ve needed to do to transfer so I can officially be called something🤦‍♀️
It’s showing on both my wallet and my OpenSea account but cannot figure out for the life of me to make it my name!!!
Pleaseeee help.

Click on ‘I know the name’ below where it says ‘Unknown Name’ and type the name yourself

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Oh no wait, I think this is a different question. To change the ‘Unknown’ on OpenSea itself, you have to edit your profile by clicking on the dude icon in the top-right corner after connecting your wallet. OpenSea doesn’t use ENS names as your profile name by default.