Name registered on etherscan but not on Ens

Hello everyone,
I tried to register a name by sending the required transactions to the ENS smart contract. The transaction went through and on the etherscan it says the name is registred however the name is still available to register on the ENS website!
This is the transaction details:
I would appreciate it if you could tell me what went wrong and why the name is stil available for registration on the ENS website.

This is the image I got from

This is yours. Check the spelling; otherwise, refresh the page on

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I did check the name on the ENS website multiple times on different devices, its still available for registration.

This is slightly outside of my knowledge base, and i’m not sure if interacting directly with the registrar changes things, but it looks like the registration and minting process was not executed properly.

Someone with knowledge of Solidity will need to chime in and/or look at your code.

What I'm seeing...
  • The event NewResolver was never logged and no resolver was set.

  • Your name is preserving the case… Sarahfan.eth vs. sarafan.eth

  • Normal events logged is nine, you logged four.

  • When registering from the app, the token is usually minted at Null by ENS: ETH Registrar Controller and then transferred to the registrant.

Normal Interactions
Mint: Null ---> ENS: ETH Registrar Controller
Xfer: ENS: ETH Registrar Controller ---> Registrant Address

Your Interactions?:
Mint: ENS: ETH Registrar Controller ---> Registrant Address
Xfer: Null ---> Registrant Address

Open a developer ticket on the official Discord at # :tickets: | create-a-ticket.

I hope this helps a little!


Probably. I know we (raffy.eth and nick.eth) are working on the capitalization issue, so it won’t matter if any of the characters are capitalized.

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That’s correct. If you register a non-normalised domain (for example, one with capital letters), it will not resolve and the ENS app will not show it. The ENS app won’t let you register one, either.