Names that have not been migrated but have been registered after

@rliebert90 @makoto @nickjohnson

We have a situation where the names that have not been migrated can technically be registered if they have not been migrated within the migration period. If in that period it does get registered - how do we deal with allowing a UI for them to release and get their UI back. The UI will have to show auction registrar owner and permanent registrar owners separately

I’m leaning towards creating a separate UI in the future for that situation where they can go to that site and interact with the old auction registrar and release as opposed to clogging up the permanent registrar UI indefinitely.

This image from Makoto illustrates the predicament. The message says ‘you not longer own this name’, but actually if someone else has registered this name, the UI should show the new owner and resolver/records.

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Maybe we can have /name/matoken.eth/expired and have separate UI for expired domain owner info and release button there?

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We’ve got a year to solve this. Having a separate interface seems sensible, but we don’t need to build that right now.

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