Need help with ENS name after wrapping

Hey what’s up y’all. I noticed since I wrapped my name ( illegalwiretransfer.eth ) it won’t recognize the name in (and other dapps) and instead shows the resolvers address I think? Im not sure what I did wrong or if wrapping my name changed anything. Just figured I’d post and see if you can help me out. It still shows illegalwiretransfer.eth on etherscan and other places, so I’m just not sure what’s up. Thanks again. Does ENS have any email functionality or plans? To send emails directly from your ENS name? Is there a dapp for that? I’ve seen dmail and ether mail but that’s it so far.

Thank you!

Mailchain is another dApp that integrates with ENS names and messaging. As far as ethermail goes I don’t think the problem is with a wrapped name. Did a test with an unwrapped name and it’s not recognized on their platform either at the moment.

It may be something to reach out to their support for. I checked your name on Open Sea and that also shows fine, and shows as a Primary name too.

Email functionality with ENS names isn’t something that can be done “directly”. This is because email routing relies on infrastructure on the DNS level. ie. MX records for a domain that point to mail servers. Projects like Ethermail provide a bridge essentially so that [walltaddress] can be used to receive email. For that to work it still relies on a “regular” domain.

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Thank you!