Not able to change resolution address

I am not able to save a new address for ETH in the resolution section. Added the new address using the ADD/MODIFY address. Repeated tries failed to update the new address and the old address is still retained.

Hi @rblncblr, try here at ENS discord

I’m also tagging @validator.eth.

Let me know how you get on, we can post the solution here and people like me can learn too.


hi @Neal I am on Discord discuss…pl let me know what’s next

Folks, this issue is resolved…it was a user error. I had to scroll down and hit the “Confirm” for it to trigger the change process. Didn’t notice it or scroll down all the way. The change now has gone through…this is no issue. Thank you @validator.eth and @Neal !

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You’re more than welcome!

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Nice work there and thanks for posting the solution @rblncblr :heart: