Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Spaces

This thread will contain all of my archival notes for ENS Office Hours Twitter Spaces.

To keep things organized and easy to reference, I will be replying with new notes to this thread, rather than creating a new thread for each space.



Date Summary
Jan 26 Nftychat Discussion with Slobo
Jan 19 NameWrapper Discussion with Serenae
Jan 12 Presentation
Jan 5 ENS Community Builders Presentations

Notes from ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Thursday, January 5, 2023 @ 5PM ET | Recording

Hosted by @sadaf.eth, @alisha.eth, and @zadok7

This was the first space of the year - an opportunity for builders in the ENS community to share what projects they are working on. 350 people tuned in to listen.

Several builders took the stage to share a bit about what they are working on.

A summary of the projects shared is below, as well as a few additional projects sent to me through direct message on Twitter.


  • ENS DAO Newsletter (pinned tweet)
    The latest from ENS and ENS DAO, published every 1st and 15th.
    We are about to pass 250 subscribers on Substack! Can we reach 300 before our 1-year anniversary (March 1st)?
    Links: Website | Twitter
    Contact: Daylon, Marcus

    Full service brokerage / Auction house/ Live auctions. Ens Asset management.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Zerozerocoins.Eth

  • Teller
    Teller lets users borrow/lend using any token/NFT as collateral.
    We are building a pool for users to get yield on $ENS and 999/10k ENS digit .eth names with zero liquidation risk.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @0xmakerlee

  • 1W3 (pinned tweet)
    No-Code Web3 Site builder.
    A one-stop solution to design, build and publish a web3site on IPFS ArWeave for your ENS Domains.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @1W3io

  • Redletter.eth (pinned tweet)
    An intuitive Web3 project - mint your precious moments onchain.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @Redlettereth

  • Mailchain (pinned tweet)
    Web3 email & messaging for everyone.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Tim B, Rob De Feo

  • ensentral.eth (ENSentral) (pinned tweet)
    Podcasts. Videos. Articles. And More.
    We’re covering the future of Web3 & blockchain technology!
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSentral

  • EnsEspañol.eth (pinned tweet)
    Pasión por el idioma español.
    Exclusive site for categorization of Spanish domains.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSesp

  • AWEdacity (pinned tweet)
    The FIRST Women’s Empowerment Conference in the METAVERSE!!!
    Come and ignite your passion & fuel your AWEdacious goals.
    Links: Website
    Contact: metadipity.eth

  • MetaTicket.eth
    Bringing the power of ticket buying back into the hands of the fans.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: MrsMarvel.eth

  • :headphones:club.eth (pinned tweet)
    ENS Subdomains, are magic.
    Plays an audio file linked from content field. But imagine a fork of this concept that used the notice field to create a decentralized audio messaging system.
    Links: Website
    Contact: :zero::negative_squared_cross_mark::man_mage:t3:.eth

  • ENSLatino.ETH
    Tu nombre y marca en Web3 dentro de la Comunidad Latina
    Features a 90 minute morning show every 9am Eastern on Twitter.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSLatino

  • ENS Friday Night Happy Hour
    A virtual island bar to hang out and relax, with NO work-related discussion allowed. Hosted on Twitter Spaces.
    Links: Twitter
    Contact: nftverz.eth

  • Weekly ENS Spaces Calendar (pinned tweet)
    A weekly calendar to keep track of the various ENS-related spaces happening on Twitter.
    Links: Twitter
    Contact: Steven Miller

  • ENS Wake & Bake
    A space that talks about ENS, education, and onboarding.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: Dubie.eth, GetHype.Eth

  • ENS DAO Merch store (pinned tweet)
    The official ENS merchandise store - currently offering ENS logo hats. More products coming soon!
    Links: Website
    Contact: General Magic

  • DMGData
    DMGData - Web3 digital marketing and data service provider.
    DBrands - Web3 domain name aggregator and trading platform.

    Links: Twitter
    Contact: KATA DMGDATA

  • ENS Trading Post (ENSTP.eth)
    Your friendly neighborhood ENS Trading Post.
    Links: Twitter

  • ENS Maxis
    The first ENS PFP Avatar is here!
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @ENSMaxisNFT

  • Console
    We are a web3 chat + dao tooling platform. We verify user identity on the blockchain for a more secure experience. At Console, we are integrating .eth names, as community admins can choose ens as a community gating rule.
    Links: Twitter | Website
    Contact: @consoledao

Be sure to join in the next ENS DAO Twitter space on Monday at 5pm ET, as we introduce our new and returning stewards.

If you are interested in contributing to ENS, please join the space or attend a working group call, which will begin next week.

Special thanks to @dr3a.eth for sharing notes.
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Notes from ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Thursday, January 12th, 2023 @ 2PM ET

Hosted by @sadaf.eth and @zadok7

This space featured a presentation by Chris and David from Console and a short presentation about .ART. The space was not recorded.


Presented by Chris / castig.eth and David Leiberman

Pinned Tweets

Console was started about one year ago. It takes components from web3 including ENS and IPFS to create a community platform based on web3 principles.

Creators and communities have hit a wall when it comes to owning their content or having any say in the platform they use. This is a key problem that Console seeks to address. It aims to utilize ENS to allow users to own their content.

Console is a “decentalized, open source, secure, and community-owned web3 alternative to Discord.” It allows people to come together to chat, host events, share documents, collaborate, and more.

How does Console integrate ENS?
ENS is one tool that Console provides to verify user identity on the platform. Console is multi-chain, but on Ethereum, ENS felt like the obvious choice to utilize. There are many benefits that ENS provides, including allowing ownership of usernames. ENS provides one global username that you can trust that you own. It can be used to verify identity across platforms that integrate ENS.

Identity and social networks are a fundamental part of web3, and users should be able to own theirs without being stuck inside of only one platform. Similar to having an email address which can be used to communicate with users on any email platform.

How can ENS be used for token gating?
When a user creates a Console community, they can set up a required verification for it. With Ethereum communities, you can choose to use .eth names to verify identity. Other verification methods include using any other chosen NFT(s). Similar to a membership card, smart contracts can be used to tie people together in communities. Since NFT ownership is tracked in a decentralized database, it can not be taken down or changed without direct input from the owner. With blockchain technology, users can be confident that they own their digital identity.

Will Console support the ENS Name Wrapper?
We are still learning about the Name Wrapper and how we might implement it.

(@sadaf.eth) Subdomains can be used to token gate communities and verify identities in the same way that ENS names are currently implemented. The Name Wrapper will also allow issuers to airdrop or issue subdomains directly to their community, which they can fully own as an NFT.

(@zadok7) The Name Wrapper will enable subdomain functionality including burning fuses to ensure that permissions can’t be revoked or modified by the parent domain, if desired.

Is Console planning to implement a call or video call feature?
Yes, we would love to implement that.

How does Console integrate ENS data records?
We would like to incorporate the ability for Console to display these data records including Twitter name, Discord, wallet addresses, etc., within chat.

Will it be possible to log in with an account on one chain and my Console account reflect the information from my account(s) on a different chain?
We are currently only on two chains (Ethereum and Stacks), but in the future we will be implementing additional chains. It will be seamlessly integrated to allow users to connect a variety of different wallets to a single account on Console with one private key/password.

Is your intention to allow cross-chain integration?
Yes, we aim to be a multi-chain platform that allows communication across many ecosystems.

Will Console allow for custom landing pages for token gated features/communities?
That is on our road map. The ability to token gate chat rooms is already available. Community leaders can set up verification and user roles of their choosing. Over time that could go into metadata from NFTs, additional tokens, external APIs, and more. Roles have a lot of potential.

Will imported DNS domains be able to access Console the same way that .eth names can?
Our idea would be to continue to support decentralized identities. We are chain agnostic. If DNS names are imported into ENS, it should be easy to integrate.

Is there a date for a public release?
First week of February we will announce a room (Console HQ) that all can join to provide feedback. From there we would like to start bringing more communities online.


Pinned Tweet
.art #ENS names with emojis

.art names are DNS names ending with .art that are fully imported into ENS.

We have completely updated our smart contract to the latest ENS standard, allowing .art to be recognized the same way as .eth.

Whatever platforms support .eth will also support .art at the protocol level.

Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Jan 19th, 2023 @ 2PM ET | Recording

A space to discuss ENS subdomain/subnames and the upcoming NameWrapper. 382 people tuned in to listen.

Hosted by: @sadaf.eth and @zadok7
Featuring: @serenae

Pinned Tweets


  • @sadaf.eth (Sadaf), Community Advocate, ENS Labs
  • @zadok7 (Vincent), Community Manager, ENS Labs
  • @Serenae, Developer Experience, ENS Labs


Subnames / subdomains / child names
A subdomain, or subname, is essentially a “child” domain, below a “parent” domain.

“Parent,” also called a second level domain or 2LD.

NameWrapper Functionality
The NameWrapper update will allow the ability to wrap any name into an ERC-1155 token, which then allows for many new functional permissions (fuses) to be implemented.

Fuses / Permissions:
Fuses (permissions) are parameters that convey the permissions for a name. There are parent-controlled fuses and child-controlled fuses.

The permissions system (aka fuses) provides cryptographic guarantees of what the owner of a domain name can or can’t do.

For example, a parent owner can choose to revoke certain permissions, such as the ability to change or revoke a subdomain it has issued. The owner of the subdomain can then be guaranteed that their name cannot be changed or taken away by the parent, and there are many other similar features allowed via fuses.


  • Can transfer name - if burned, the name cannot be transferred. The parent owner or child owner can burn this fuse to make the name a “soulbound token.” This means that the name cannot be transferred or sold.
  • Can set resolver - if burned, the resolver for a name cannot be changed, which means that the address pointed to by a domain name cannot be changed, allowing for the creation of a permanently resolving name.

Expiration date:
The owner of a parent domain can allow the owner of a child domain to extend their own expiration date.

Whenever fuses are burned, the parent owner can set an expiration date, which can be as long as the expiration of the parent name.

Burned fuses cannot be reset until the expiration date is reached, however, any wallet can extend the expiration of a 2LD (name.eth).

An ENS name can go through different states in the NameWrapper:

  • Unregistered
  • Registered, but not wrapped
  • Wrapped (can be upwrapped)
  • Emancipated - The parent has relinquished control of the name, and can no longer make changes or burn fuses.
  • Locked, cannot be unwrapped - In order to burn any fuses on subdomains, the parent name must be locked.

The NameWrapper is currently deployed on the Goerli testnet, and is expected to be released on mainnet very soon. For more information, please see the latest post from @jefflau.eth

Notes: ENS Office Hours Twitter Space - Jan 26th, 2023 @ 2PM ET | Recording

A space to discuss nftychat and connecting with web3 frENS. 168 tuned in to listen.

Hosted by: @sadaf.eth and @zadok7
Featuring: @Slobo.eth

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  • @sadaf.eth (Sadaf), Community Advocate, ENS Labs
  • @zadok7 (Vincent), Community Manager, ENS Labs
  • @Slobo.eth (Alex Slobodnik), founder of nftychat, ENS Ecosystem steward and delegate


Website | Twitter

Nftychat aims to be the web3-native alternative to Discord.

After searching for a way to chat from my ENS name, I wasn’t able to find an easy way to do it. I wanted to chat in a way that is similar Discord, so I started building nftychat.

The data portability in web3 really resonates with people. Being able to take your profile and contacts with you across platforms is a big deal.

What made you choose ENS specifically over other name services?
It was clear to me that ENS was the decentralized naming protocol. The ability to import DNS names shows that the team is building ENS for the future. Also, the branding from vitalik.eth was a big influence. Building on any other name protocol just wouldn’t make sense to me if I were to start over.

What is your favorite feature of the nftychat platform?
The gm feature. Anyone who logs in can click a little gm and get a mini celebration with confetti. This reinforces the feeling that web3 is a global community. Users can say gm without clogging up the main chat. gm is the essence of web3.

Other features include a gas tracker, display of the number of users online, and a direct link to Twitter. These aren’t just cool features we are throwing together to see what works. nftychat is trying to bring the best of web3 and web2 together.

Can we hear more about the music sharing implementation? Why did you choose to go with Audius and what is the idea behind a decentralized music platform?
One experience that brings communities together is listening to the same music. I like music and people like music. Why not see if we can just chill together and listen to music we enjoy? We picked Audius because it is a web3 platform for music. We did not want to use Spotify.

I know that you are a big fan of POAP. What can people do in the POAP chat room?
We created the POAP chat community before we had gating for POAP as a way to showcase the possibility. POAP becomes a way to offer someone you’ve met in real life a way for them to chat with you later, almost like a mini binding event. POAP as a gating mechanism is probably best for temporary things, such as gating during IRL events. We had people run an easter egg hunt using a POAP gated room. When you give people the power to easily gate rooms, you get novel behaviors that are just beginning. POAP is a great way to remember and monitor who you’ve met.

Can you explore the capabilities of gating functionality?
Right now on nftychat you can gate a room based on ERC-20 tokens or NFT collections. For example, you can gate to require holding a certain amount of an ERC-20 token, such as $ENS, or you can gate for holders of a particular NFT collection, such as Bored Apes. The third way you can gate is with the typical allow list, by entering a list of allowed name/wallet addresses. There are also tools to create VIP rooms for such uses as creating an exclusive room for moderators.

What is the human need that nftychat is solving?
People want to find their homies. People want to find the people that they can relate to and share content and have discussions with them. People want to find others that share a common interest, which the gating feature solves. It brings like-minded people together and facilitates a safe space to foster relationships.

Can you tell us more about how the profile page draws people together and allows them to create a brand identity?
The richness of your profile on nftychat is pulled from your wallet and your ENS record information. It shows your avatar, NFT collection, and your ENS text records. You don’t have to enter anything that is already in your ENS records. It will be displayed automatically, which greatly reduces friction for the user.

In your profile, you can also select which languages you speak and which languages you can read. Your time zone can also be displayed as part of your profile. These features are helpful for finding content that is relevant to your interests and personality.

You are very involved in ENS DAO, as both a steward and a delegate. Can you tell us how nftychat helps users stay up-to-date and involved with ENS?
If you are already participating in ENS, even if just by owning a .eth name, nftychat displays a live stream of voting activity. Not a lot of people know about the DAO and understand the differences, so we try to show them and expose them to what activities are taking place in the DAO.

The ENS DAO Newsletter is also a great way to stay up-to-date with what is happening in ENS DAO. New editions are published on the 1st and 15th of every month, and contain details of the latest governance proposals, ENS small grants, and other ENS developments and news. The newsletter is designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience.

Can you tell us about the Dune integration in nftychat?
We wanted a live feed that shows what ENS names are being registered in real time. If there is any kind of data feed you can get from Dune, you can integrate it in nftychat.

If you own an NFT that is for sale, you can post it in nftychat and it can be bought directly through the platform. Nftychat will show a preview and allow others to buy it without having to leave the application.

Can we hear more about the nftychat messaging system?
You can send a direct message from any wallet to any wallet, even without using an ENS name. There are currently several competing standards and protocols for this, and we built nftychat in a way that we can plug in to any of them. You can send a message in seconds from within nftychat, simply by clicking the plus button in the DM window and entering their ENS name or wallet address. We have an integration with ENS.Vision that allows anyone to send offers or other messages to domain holders. We also recently released a web browser notification feature. If your web browser allows notifications, you can enable them for nftychat.

What will people be able to do with subdomains with the Name Wrapper?
One of the first things you can do with ENS on nftychat is set your primary name. When the Name Wrapper is released, we want to be able to offer free subdomains. When the Name Wrapper is mature enough, we would like to offer free subdomains under the parent name nfty.eth. Apps like nftychat can be the thing that gets people onboarded to ENS via issuing them subdomains. I believe many other companies will hand out free subdomains. In short, I am excited for the Name Wrapper, and I believe that nftychat will be the leading platform to utilize it.

Will subdomain users be able to set up their profiles the same way that they can with a parent name?
Subdomains will have all of the same functionality and features as parent ENS names. Subdomains are first-class citizens on nftychat.

What advice do you have for other builders in the space?
To quote Nike… just do it. The longer you spend in the research phase, the less you are doing. I personally learn better through doing. With anything that you would like to do in life, don’t be afraid to just jump in and start experimenting. Anyone can set up a community on nftychat, and I encourage anyone to try.

What can we look forward to as a community in 2023?
We will keep building and improving our iOS app, and we will be giving away subdomains using the Name Wrapper, so anyone who joins will have a name like slobo.nfty.eth.

Android, desktop, and better notifications are all on the roadmap for 2023.

Website | Twitter

If anyone needs any help with nftychat, DM Slobo on the Website or Twitter.

For any ENS support, reach out in the ENS Discord at, or DM the main ENS twitter account.