Once enabled, will other TLDs be able to use subdomains?

I’ll put an example because I’m not sure how to explain my question otherwise.

As I understand you’ll enable some TLD’s such as .com to be used the same way .eth names are used - to resolve cryptocurrency addresses. So, if I own domain.com then I would put my ETH, BTC, LTC addresses, and instead of sending me coins to 0xgibberish, they would instead use Trust or Coinbase wallet to send coins to domain.com. It is the same scenario with domain.eth. However, domain.eth allows me to add subdomain with different crypto addresses:

domain.eth can use 0xgibberish

pay.domain.eth can use 0xgibberish2

pink.domain.eth can use 0xgibberish5 etc

Would this be possible with domains like .com once crypto enabled? Having test.domain.com with one address, real.domain.com with different address and so on.

Yes this will be possible. The basic idea is that you claim your domain in ENS by proving you own the DNS domain, and at that point you can set up resolvers and addresses for your domain in the same way that you can at current for .eth/.xyz/.luxe etc. domains.

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Thanks, Jim! Is this going to be done by adding text record to the domain and subdomain/s?

No; you add a text record at the level of the second-level domain, and create any subdomains inside ENS, just like you would for .eth.