Opensea - Domains in Grace Period

Howdy, all. I wasn’t able to pick up my preferred domain on Opensea. I kept getting this error:

Oops, the Ethereum network rejected this transaction :frowning: The OpenSea devs have been alerted, but this problem is typically due an item being locked or untransferrable. The exact error was "execution reverted…

After some clicking around, it looks like trying to purchase any domain in its grace period prompts the same error.

Yet to receive a response from Opensea support but I’m curious… any reason the group can think of as to why I wouldn’t be able to purchase a domain currently in its grace period? Thx!

EDIT: OS folks said they list these addresses but they cannot be purchased :upside_down_face: Can addresses be transferred to a new owner during the grace period if I were able to track down seller otherwise? Or do I have to wait for grace period to end?

Easiest way to do it is to just pay the $5 to renew it for the original owner (5 characters or more). Any address can renew it and after you purchase it, you’ll be the one enjoying the extra year of renewal.

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