Other Decentralized Domains vs .ETH and ENS

Lots of decentralized domains coming into the space with Unstoppable domains doing .zil, .crypto, Blockstack with .id, Namecoin with .bit, handshake, etc…So are there any clear advantages of having a .eth domain over any other decentralized domain?


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Great question, yes. ENS is supported by the most services by a long shot and can support a wide range of things for naming, including IPFS and Swarm hashes, Tor .onion addresses, and all cryptocurrencies. We also will have a Medium post coming out very soon about why we don’t create more ENS-native TLDs.

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Here you go: https://medium.com/the-ethereum-name-service/why-ens-doesnt-create-more-tlds-responsible-citizenship-in-the-global-namespace-7e66658fe2b1