Owns 3 (worth 0.00 ETH) names to claim deposit?

Bought several domains back in 2017. Can’t access the domains or claim back my deposit?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

You have to claim the deposit back from the original Ethereum address by going to

Thanks, I’ve done that but it just shows:

unknown has 0 ETH deposit
unknown has 0 ETH deposit
unknown has 0 ETH deposit

Can you post or DM the names and last few characters of the address you are using? I’ll look into it now.

Address: 0xaae…57c91

I had: selfridges, rocnation and I genuinely can’t remember the other. Maybe you’ll be able to make out what it was from the address.

Thanks again for your help!

They both trace back to 0xc67247454e720328714c4e17bec7640572657bee

A tad bit confusing: 0xaae51321e1425790fbdcaf66ce53508d55e57c91 there’s 3 addresses linked but no way to find out which?

Selfridges.eth was originally registered by

After much digging, I found the above wallet address (0x00F21bcBBc79D12cDFC821D6141c59e592a5627F) however, it was created in 2017 using a Parity Mnemonic.

Wallets today do not support those mnemonics so I’m only able to access the wallet using Parity signer and MyCrypto. However, I still get over to ENS.

Any idea how I can extract my private key from my mnemonic to use on MetaMask, or is there another direction I can go in?



No idea myself, but reddit has a 4 year old post:

You can do that with MyCrypto desktop. After importing seed phrase, select address to open it then select wallet info from the drop down menu and export the priv key or generate an encrypted .json file to import in Metamask

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