Partnership with The Neighbours

Hi! Im from the Neighbours!
We are looking for partners like you for a collaboration.

We are building a game, inspired by Sims, GTA and Harvest Moon. You can check our website, to have an overview of what we are doing. We are downloadable soon on iOs, Android, and Windows.

Live to earn in this free-to-play open-world life simulation game built on Ethereum Blockchain, This live-to-earn game allows players to earn NEIBR$ tokens by doing different in-game tasks depending on their game society status. The player will also be able to participate in the game governance, via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise their voting rights on key decisions of the ecosystem.

Currently we are working on our own Metaverse that will launch this year and we want your project to be part of it!

Here’s some sneak peak of our game: The Neighbours | Official Teaser 2 - YouTube

How our game works: Gameplay Introduction: Key Things a Player should know | by The Neighbours | Sep, 2022 | Medium