Please use dao funds and ens.dao twitter account to create and promote educational content

many people that know about ENS or have an ens domain themselves aren’t aware it is cross chain compatible. it’s possible even most people dont know you can insert your btc/doge/matic addresses into ens and receive payments just the same as eth.

coinbase even went with a different extension (.id) because their users didnt know .eth wasn’t limited to just ethereum. and rather than educate their users they went with another alternative that doesn’t appear to be chain specific.

it seems it would be a very simple matter to create educational content by reaching out and hiring someone from the community like @MattGarciaEth, @sadaf_eth, or @Nyteowl_YT to create a short video on specific features ens has and promoting that content through the ens.dao twitter account.

or is your model strictly no outreach, and you leave it up to the community to create and promote educational content, and maybe you’ll reward some of them someday retroactively?

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just FYI, they are still using ENS *.coinbase.eth subdomains, just displaying “.id” in the frontend instead of “.eth” for the reason you mentioned.


Is ENS really doing that poorly in terms of marketing that agents have to be contracted to do outreach? I tend to disagree.

If the DAO decides to proceed with this approach, the person qualified for the work should be, ideally, someone who is impartial and whom cannot promote their own ventures using the DAO as their vehicle.

I think @alisha.eth is the main person working on outreach/growth - so there is already a person assigned for this responsibility.

ENS has been picking up in volume of registrations & returning and new users. ENS DAO should start using the funding to educate users more about the future of Web 3.0 & how ENS is going to be a player in that future.

Many people still in NFT’s still don’t know what ENS is or have barely dove into the topic of domains.
There’s very little resources on twitter/youtube teaching users about the use case of what ENS is bringing to the table & how they can get involved.

Starting with creating a simple tutorial that walks the user through on how to mint a .eth domain step-by-step, would be a giant leap forward for the marketing ENS will need to keep up with the record growing user base in the upcoming months.


its not about marketing, it’s about education.

many people dont know ens can be used on other chain. even i dont know the limit of those - it seems theres a place to upload .bnb and .sol addresses, but it doesnt work? will these be included in the future?

many people buying ens don’t even know it has a renewal fee. sure you can argue it’s up to buyers to understand their assets, but no other nft has a renewal fee. harsh way to learn when you wake up one day and its removed from your wallet.

many people dont know you have to set the address to your own address to receive payments to it. only a matter of time until someone tells their friend “yea send me 10e to 1234.eth, just bought it” and it gets sent to the previous owner.

it’s going to take a MASSIVE amount of education and repetition of that education(imo in the form of periodic retweets) in order to properly educate the space. i’ve simply noticed a severe lack of inaction on this front, seemingly just leaving it up to the community to gather an audience and educate them, with no formal endorsement or funding(with very rare exception).

just think its the wrong approach.

I think there’s a lot of resources available. It’s just not visible enough. There’s also the question of: are the users willing to find those resources even if it means clicking the official links? Asking questions is a good start but most users I would assume want information handed down to them in this case there’s not much you can do. I reckon Twitter spaces is probably not the best medium to pass on knowledge, better off with a Twitter thread, educational hubs, written pieces that users can read any time - there’s the official docs for this but I have to say there’s quite a handful of information there that users might find intimidating to get started with.

yes this is precisely the issue im trying to address. the information is available, but it’s not in an easily digestible format, nor readily available.

a video of a person explaining a specific feature or short list of features, and promotion of that educational content through the ens.eth twitter account seems like the solution to me.

how about an introductory video titled “you’ve just bought your first ens domain, now what?”
that guides someone through reclaiming the controller, setting the eth address, ensuring it’s renewed, and setting up email alerts incase of impending expiration.

i believe something like this should be retweeted every 6mo(again, from the main twitter account, not some community member with 5k followers) for the next 5-10 years. it takes a very long time and lots of repetition in order to educate millions of people on a new protocol.

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I just made a video last night for Predomain and I and I had fun with it. I’ll make another one for introductory ENS basics.