Posting a Temp Check?

I’m interested in posting a possible Governance Proposal to Temp Check, but I don’t seem to have access to do so. When I attempt to post the proposal to DAO-Wide → Temp Check I get an error message stating “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” Any assistance that can be offered is welcomed. Thanks you :slight_smile:

You need ‘Agoraphile’ tag to be able to do that. I think @serenae can help you, or hop on Discord

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There should be a “Request Access” button at the top, did you click on that? There’s a form you fill out, and then one of the administrators will review and give you write access to the Governance sections here.

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Hi @serenae! Yes I did that on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe the admins just haven’t gotten to it yet?

That’s possible… Let me ping @alisha.eth on this and she’ll be able to look at the status of it!

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Thank you @serenae I appreciate the help :slight_smile: