PR suggestion for onboard brands to .eth

We are over 85,000 Twitter accounts with .eth name extension and adding up.

That Community celebrates when a big brand incorporates to .eth (buys the domain/puts a Tweet supporting .eth) and part of them starts to follow the Big brand.

I suggest to ask a delegate to communicate to every brand (Big, medium and small) and present this numbers with solid evidence.

Later, invite them to buy their domain/put a Tweet supporting .eth with evidence that the benefits exceed the cost.

Can’t wait for read the flaws of this suggestion.

Thanks for your time.

First, I think an ad would be more effective and have a greater reach. We do have a marketing group, your welcome to join.

What do you mean?

We can’t make guarantees on domain name availability.

There are many of us looking for marketing ideas.

Thank you for your input.


I meant to present the increase in twitter followers after purchasing the brand domain.

Good idea, someone for brand outreach specifically, reaching out to the other brands PR team or social media.

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First, welcome! Why the negative expectations?

The idea is great, Brantly used to do such things, but the challenge is in executing it. The ENS names of most brands are already taken, so you can’t just invite them to get it.

It’s also unclear, in the way that this DAO works, who you propose that will do that. Delegates (I’m one), are people who someone gave permission to vote using their tokens, not people who work for the DAO.

Basically, the way to do it is to choose a brand, try to find out who owns the name, then try to convince them to sell it/give it away, while convincing the brand itself to use it.

Anyone can do that - including you - no need to be a delegate.


Better for the doa to hire someone as business development or in sales to go out and do this. Doubt delegates can get it done in the same way.


Hello. Thanks for the response and the welcome :v:.

What would be the process for this? Maybe something like this?

  1. A ENS community member (like me) or ENS team member reach a Company, big, medium & small (preferably in that order) and output the benefits (a .PDF with the info would be good enough) of buying their domain & posting it on Twitter in short and medium term:
  • Immediately increase in twitter followers (If I do it I would need to know how many would be the increase. Don’t have those numbers)

  • Having an official wallet to accept crypto payments. There’s an estimate of 300 millions crypto users and 18,000 business accepting them by the end of 2021 all over the world.

  • Posting their website at Still not sure how to sell this one. I would say recommend to built their online store with wallet and crypto payments there.

  1. If interested, the Company will ask how much for the Domain. Then, it could go 4 ways:

2.1.- Report the exact price displayed to the Company and where to buy at, expect that the sale will happen in time and my job will be done.

2.2.- If I consider the price as high, look into Twitter for the owner. Then, ask him/her if they are willing to accept the price I consider acceptable. Then, if they accept, report that amount to the Company. The same ending as 2.1.-

2.3.- Just inform to the Company where to look and buy the domain and inform the Twitter account who owns it.

2.4.- The domain won’t be at sale and won’t find the Twitter account that owns it.

Thanks for your time.

@brantlymillegan was perfected for this.


Ok, but like in any organization, its basically a sales or business development role, it should be a paid role, there should be metrics by which the person is expected to perform, and the person should have experience, connections, and be good at their role. I think getting delegates to do it maybe made sense a while ago, but to turn this in to a solid outreach operation, I think a business development or partnership person should be hired and should report to the “board/doa”.

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I could do it.

Have a Degree on Financial Management. Most of my experience is to:

  • Create companies annual budget
  • Elaborate Financial Statements
  • Approval/Disapproval of expenses
  • Setting products prices
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Strategic planning for making operations more effective and achieve financial goals
  • Involving with sales force to create projects in order to increase customers acquisition
  • Involving with Marketing for creating PR strategies

I’m BD at We would like to do some collaborations and marketing activities with you. We have recently partnered with Hoobi, Gate, OKX, FTX, Bybit, StepN, MeebitsDAO and many others (this list goes on). We have a fast-growing community with 130k followers on Twitter and 30k followers on Discord. Also, we have 850k users and 420k residents so far. You can check our website, try our metaverse and see our recent activities on Twitter.

Please reach me back via one of the channels below for further communication.

Thank you.

Discord: @Thracian

Telegram: @Thracian01123


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