Preliminary app and contract for short name reservation requests

We’re working on the process for reserving short names for existing projects in the Ethereum community, and we’ve put together a simple app to make reservations easy. You can find it at its temporary URL here.

It’s currently deployed only on Ropsten, and will let anyone submit a claim by setting a text record on their domain by sending a transaction and paying a year’s registration as a fee.

The source for the contract this interacts with can be found here.

Feedback - on the app, the process, and the contract - much appreciated.

We’re still finalising the rules for who can claim a short name ahead of the auction and what the requirements will be.

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What iOS app (browser) can assess the registration tool? Cipher allows ability to switch to Ropsten network but it’s browser doesn’t work for the temporary page for short names. Works well on pc with metamask.

Anything that supports web3 ought to. If you’re able to get any messages from the JS console on Cipher, we can look into fixing it.

Just blank screen. On iOS cipher, how to get JS?

I’m not sure - there may be a ‘developer mode’ somewhere? You might have to ask the Cipher folks for help.