Prepare for the epic expiration.eth. ENS treasury is going to rise.eth


There goes mets.eth for $100k :sweat_smile:


Fly.eth just sold for 38.16 Eth

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surprised gov.eth hasn’t been snagged yet


bbc, ubs, mets, fly, fbi
we have 5 names sniped at $100K now

I think mets, fly, and fbi all were bought in the auction? not “sniped”?

Is it possible that people (ENS DAO insiders) to have auto registered 3 letter domains in advance and now be selling them ?

I don’t see how this is relevant to the post.

The system is governed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Everything is public and automated, controlled by code. This is not possible.

The 3-5 letter short names were auctioned back in 2019.