Problems reclaiming domains which were offered for sale on

I just wanted to reclaim the deposited ETH for some domains which I bought several years ago. I migrated them to the new registrar last year and put them on for sale. Now they happen to appear under the “controller” page of the ENS dapp, but are not listed neither on the opeansea page nor on the ENS reclaim page. Which basically means I don’t have any access to them any longer to get the deposited money back.
I would be glad if you could help with this.
Thanks a lot!

You should be able to reclaim from

Thank you, @makoto. The reclaim page worked for some of the domains, but most of them don’t show up on the reclaim page. The domains not being dispalyed on the reclaim page are those which I put on sale via the website. I could DM you the address if this would help.

You can reach me on our Discord server

I just messaged back to you but it looks like all the deed were released and sent back to you as part of registrar migration. Please check internal transaction section of your address on Etherscan so that you can see the incoming deposit.