Promote followers to 10kClub digits owners

Hello everyone,

Those who registered 3 & 4 digits ENS domains and bought them in secondary market are the biggest investors, cause instead of registering 35 they did 1. Or instead of registering 800 they bought 1 in second Market (I’m talking about 000 to 9999)

So, at least they deserve followers so can influence .eth embracing.

I suggest 2 alternatives:

  1. Ask @10kClubOfficial pass a list of verified 3 & 4 domains owners and promote to follow them. It could be posted by @ensdomains monthly.

  2. Advice 3 & 4 digits Owners put their Twitter account in text record and also, promote to follow them.

We could ask one by one if they want to be listed ir not. Some will choose privacy, others want exposure.

Personally, I know a guy holding 5 of 3 digits numbers with only 1,300 followers and he’s very commited with the project and post many Tweets about it. But, with those followers, how much influence and audience can engage?

I have seen the code of conduct and with that audience and empowerment they should agree to it before making this happen.

Now, what could go wrong? well, maybe after having all those followers they could change mind and talk Bad things about ENS. Or, they Will sell their Domain and competition could pay them to do it also.

That’s the ONLY risk I see but with good selection and good development we could minimize that risk.

I encourage you not to dismiss this idea only because there’s full agenda. I know the difficult part is to implement and everyone is full with tasks. But together we could find a solution to make it happen.

Thanks for reading.