Promote the governance function of the token

I think more users should be allowed to understand the governance role of ENS tokens. Most users are still limited to hyping the value of tokens. Users should experience the governance role of ENS tokens in their wallets through some specific activities and promotion in the form of asset packages.

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One of the really neat use cases for governance is the ENS Small Grants initiative. The top 5 proposals were up for a vote to receive small grants for building with the ENS protocol. There will be future rounds too and I think it is a great example of using the tokens as a voice/choice with user participation in governance.

ENS Small Grants are small, quickly executable grants that are funded over a short period. Each round consists of a few days in which anyone can propose a project for funding, followed by a few days where $ENS token holders can vote for the best proposals. At the end of the voting period, the top voted projects each get a share of the rounds funding pool.