Proposal for greater Airdrop inclusion

There was a big migration event with a 1-year window that happened between 2019-2020 however some of us were unaware of this and missed out on the 2x airdrop multiplier because of it. There is no reason why the people that didn’t get the word should be excluded. Their was no notice at time of these domains being registered that they would have to be migrated, that was decided afterwards so how can these accounts be excluded? It should have been automatic that they were included. So the proposal is to include these.

I sympathise with the perceived “loss”, but there are now close to 100 posts (and more every day) about missed airdrop rewards. A correction was made (which is live here Tally | Ens and looks likely to pass) already and I think at some point a line must be drawn, or there will be a new proposal to include a new edge case every week. If you like the concept behind the project, you don’t even need any $ENS to be involved so there are plenty of ways to be involved.

Personally I don’t think it makes sense to keep revisiting the airdrop. Was it perfectly crafted and executed? Probably not, but I believe the team did it on a best endeavours basis. One of its primary goals in reality is marketing, to increase awareness of the project, and this has been achieved. There is some interesting analysis by Dr Kier Finlow-Bates you can find if you are so inclined.

You are however free to create a proposal (I would suggest posting it in Temp Check) with the details of what you would propose (and the proposed code if you have the skills to write it) and you can garner wider feedback that way.


Here’s a screenshot from the app that we originally deployed:

Seamless airdrop. Rewards justified. Edge cases covered. It is 99% on point and by all accounts the best DAO airdrop in the history of Crypto. Probably enough?


I would maintain that since a lot of users are coming here to offer their view about the airdrop that it should be taken seriously and not brushed off. We’ve a DAO let them vote.

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That’s fair, it probably is the most posted about topic at the moment, for sure. I stated my personal view above but absolutely, anyone is free to craft any proposal they like with a modified airdrop methodology and post it for assessment by the DAO.

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I didn’t set my primary because I was not sure about what I was doing and didn’t want to make a permanent change. I sold my airdrop. Not that I wanted to. I even borrowed eth from someone to claim. To which i still owe to them. I had to because I lost all of my cash last September in the stock market.Yup, zeroed out. I still disagree with the 2x multiplier being retroactively dispersed for setting primary or however would be decided if that were to be the case. I just don’t understand the motivation behind the continuing debate for a retro drop. Especially from names that I hang seen active in discussion for that matter.(not saying anyone in particular) Be thankful for what you got. You can’t win everything. But you can sure buy it back in the future.