Proposal: Support Avatar Adoption

There was a giveaway back in May/June for an NFT collection that @nick.eth posted about. If you updated your avatar you got entry. I would love to see more stuff like that. Just give the winner enough ENS to update their avatar 10 times in the future ($10). Prize doesn’t have to be crazy. Reward anyone who changes their avatar in the month or something.

It does have to be executed though. The Twitter ENS giveaway I was part of didn’t ever seem to have a winner. It was a monthly seasonal collection, did that just die off?

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I think the market has and will discover this on their own. We don’t need to spend limited protocol funds on marketing this feature.

You should aim to provide convincing cost/benefit analysis if we’re looking at spending DAO funds.

There are also legal obligations across every country in the world, we can’t just ask people to vote to send money to random people around the world. A lot of governments don’t like that, including mine.

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Re: money - got it. There was some precedent for gas refunds for something related to DAO voting. What if there was a month of free refunds for avatar changes, with a 2 eth pool allocated for it?

What kind of features are you excited about marketing for ENS? I would be happy to check out other marketing related projects.

DAO votes are a functional requirement of operating the DAO. Delegates have to spend their ETH to execute on-chain votes in order to change state in the ENS DAO contract.

Marketing spend is different. I personally have not thought much about marketing as I think it’s doing well organically on Twitter and through network effects.

I agree content on twitter is amazing. Most of it is created by traders who own many ENS domains and are invested in the success of ENS.

I’m curious what ENS plans to spend on marketing. It seems like it’s basically zero so far. Alisha.eth had a great podcast but the last episode was 6 months ago, for example. I would like to see the DAO either allocate funds towards their own marketing, or better embrace the free marketing they’re getting from traders.