Proposal: Support for ENS Clubs

I see so many clubs popping up on ENS. Emoji, Arab digits, 10k Club, Pokemon. How can the DAO better support these users? They’re creating discords, youtube videos, podcasts on their own. A bit of support from ENS would go a long way. Maybe criteria for recognition?

  • Feature a new club in the next ENS newsletter
  • Host club tweeters/leader on the ENS podcast

These are all things that require no budget. You could also use funds to support creation of their own podcast, educational resources, etc.

It’s incredible to see the Arab community rise up on ENS for example (disclosure: I am a trader, but don’t have any of those). And Ethmoji is just waiiiiiiting for some love.


Could you have a representative of each of those clubs make a presence here on the Forum? It’s a good way to start dialogue.


Great idea, let’s do it! Invite club founders to say hi on this post. What’s your club about? What help do you need?