[Proposals] ZK-Rollups for ENS Registration

with current gas we are paying more ~200 usd per registration, this drives away many users who are coming into cryptography

Possible Solution

build a contract that stores registration and keeps that registration state but only literally takes it to jail with x number of registered Domains.


With this engineering we get adhesion and transaction to register thousands of domains per second, we can use the low traffic of the sidechains to send only one transaction with a batch of domains on the mainnet.

I believe the DAO could cover the spare costs and receive the fee generated by the records.


are there any ENS L2 experiments happening anywhere? main or test nets?

Not yet, I believe the big problem is the nonce of the networks, that would generate a big registry conflict:

To be able to register at L2 we need:

  • a tool that listens to all L1 records (theGraph can be used for that (maybe an ENS record oracle will be built)
  • a tool to solve all the chains [that’s pretty cool would be another frontend improve]
  • consensus between DAO to define whether to use optmistic or arbitrarium or some sidechain.

But I believe the registration process will be the same… let’s see how things go when everyone claims their ENS

We have plans for L2 support: A general-purpose bridge for Ethereum Layer 2s | by Nick Johnson | The Ethereum Name Service | Medium