Proposed ENS marketing slogan

I just thought of this slogan and wanted to test it out:

Simplify complex ENS

I’d say the message is not very clear to be used as a slogan. What are you trying to say here? Do you refer to the ENS DAO or ENS service? Or both?

The DAO governs ENS; it is ENS that’s the product. So “Simplify Complex ENS” refers to registration of a .eth domain name that allows the use of a simple domain name (i.e., berrios.eth) to be used in place of the complex addresses on the blockchain for wallets, websites, etc (0xd1 . . . 0f19). As the benefits of using ENS become more widely used for transactions, its service will become more valuable to all.

hey berrios.eth, there is an active discussion happening around an ENS Mission Statement. Please feel free to make contributions on this topic in that thread.