Public Goods Domain and Subdomains

I was thinking today about .org and how in many ways it is similar to the future public goods working group in ENS. If .ETH is thought of as a super top level name, then all first level domains can be thought of as the new top level domains.

.ORG is a non profit and they support public goods. e.g.

What do people think about the idea of the DAO or more specifically the public goods working group owning some domains? Later when there is a system for selling subdomains, the public goods working group (PGWG) can sell subdomains and use the money from the sales to support public goods. The goal would be for the PGWG to be self supporting and not need to request funds from the general treasury.

Any name ideas? We could also just ask the community for donations and see what is offered. fund.eth? org.eth? We could also ask for funds from the treasury to buy a good domain, and give the money back to the treasury once we start to sell subdomains.

On a further note, would it be possible for working groups to hold ENS tokens? If so people could donate ENS tokens to the PGWG, in order to amplify the voice of the group.


I’ll add a little bit to this. I’m excited also about subdomains. Matoken.eth gives a good talk about the technology behind L2, and burning permissions. The holders of the subdomains would need to feel secure their assets cannot be taken back from the main top level eth holder. There are ways to burn the permissions so this doesn’t happen if you haven’t, check this video out: ENS Workshop 1: ENS as NFT v2 (aka Name Wrapper) - YouTube

I’ve been following TIME magazine and what they have been doing. It looks like they are using NFTs as gate passes for special access to talks, maybe even future subscriptions, additional access. In fact, KeithGrossman.eth is Keith Grossman’s. I can envision orgs distributing subdomains, which would act as login with Etherium through something like Spruce, subdomains could also grant something special to the holders. These are some ideas related. Thanks for sharing.


There is also a thread running here: Layer 2 scaling and Subdomains - #37 by Jeiwan

What do you think about the idea the PGWG owning domains, or the DAO owning domains? Trying to see if there is any support for this idea.

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