Public Goods Large Grants


The Large Grants opportunity from the Public Goods Working Group awards up to 50k USDC to applicable projects that have a long-standing record of making an impact as Ethereum or Web3 public good.

This grant aims to provide a pathway for foundational public goods in the Ethereum or Web3 ecosystems to request more significant funding from the Public Goods working group. Foundational public goods in the context of this grant have exceptional usefulness and an established record of making an impact for users or developers in the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystems.

The basic criteria are similar to that of our Small Grants and Growth Grants, with added requirements and restrictions based on the project’s lifespan and funding received. A submission must have been active for at least a year to be eligible for this round and may not have raised more than 500k in other funding.

These additional parameters aim to intensify focus on projects that have been making a long-standing impact in the community while ensuring that this grant is of substantive value to the grantee.

In Q3, applications for the Large Grants will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, but to accommodate the short time frame left in the remainder of this term, a “short round” will commence on May 5th, 2023. The round details will be discussed on the May 5th working group call.

Key Dates

  • Q2 Submissions
    • Submission Phase: May 5th – 25th.
    • Review/Voting Process: June 1st – 8th
    • Grants Awarded: June 15th
  • Q3 Submissions
    • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submission Begins July 1st


  • 50k USDC will be awarded to two winning grant submissions.


To be eligible for this grant, a submission must be a Web3 or Ethereum public good, have been active for at least a year, and may not have raised more than 500k in other funding. As in our other Public Goods grants, ENS-centric projects are not eligible.

To be eligible for this grant, a submission must meet the following criteria:

  1. Is a Web3 or Ethereum Public Good.
  2. The submission should fall into one of three classifications.
    1. Infrastructure - Core technical implementations used by developers or enable Web3 or the Ethereum network.
    2. Tools - Utilities that improve the way we interact with Web3 and Ethereum.
    3. Education - Information, workshops, or resources that foster a better understanding of Ethereum or Web3.
  3. Has been established for at least a year
  4. Has received less than 500k USD of private funding or launched a token.
  5. Effectively communicates value, reach or impact by providing supporting information and data.
  6. Is NOT ENS-Centric. (These are directed to ENS Ecosystem WG)

Note: All submissions must undergo KYC/AML process before accepting funds from the working group.

Submission & Evaluation Process

For the Q2 Large Grant “short round,” the working group stewards will review all qualifying submissions. For those qualified, they will be evaluated based on the following two parameters:

  1. Project Usefulness - Exceptional usefulness demonstrated. Submission may be essential to the Ethereum ecosystem.
  2. Project Impact - Exceptional value, reach or impact with supporting information to back it up.

For the Q2 2023 “short round,” the Working Group stewards will choose up to two recipients as winners.

How to Apply?

  • Applications Open Now - Official Form
  • Visit this Notion for comprehensive details before submitting.
  • Feedback can be provided here.