Public Goods - Request for Initiatives during Term 1 2023

Public Goods - Request for Initiatives

The first Public Goods working group meeting is tomorrow, January 12th, and budgets are expected to be posted within the next week.

This is a general request for ideas that you would like to see implemented by the Public Goods working this term.

Please reply below with ideas or join our call tomorrow!


More grants & scholarships please.


Would like to continue the conversation on how to iterate successful grants initiatives like; there are surely more ways to identify talented people within the ecosystem and help support them and their Web3 initiatives as best as we can… especially those outside of the anglosphere.


Can anybody suggest ideas / topics ?

Or would we have to be a Steward or Delegate?

I could suggest a few ideas that spring to mind, or even for some of the Public Goods team to drop into “Spaces between spaces” on Twitter anytime to listen to what we have been developing in real time…it’s like a 24/7 rolling think tank specifically orientated around ENS and collaborating on various levels with like minded people.

The organic nature of this group is attracting a diverse range of devs, builders, artists, newbs, crypto OGs, gamers and everything in-between…

The level of creativity fused with a free flowing conversation around almost anything and everything, truly has bought about some of the most incredible “Eureka” moments for not only myself, but many others! :bulb:

I honestly believe that the DAO and or ENS Labs team would be proud and possibly surprised by the level of passionate dedication for ENS; way beyond the usual domain flipping / speculating.

These guys should be recognised at the very least for being the much needed regular presence for ENS on crypto Twitter…ultimately by having passively created a safe environment for all levels of ENS minded people.


PS - I created this “domain” today while in the Space…essentially my attempt and idea to perhaps one day gain the attention of the Chief Twitt himself !…:thinking::blush::soon:


I like this.

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I would love if there could be more initiatives that identify the need for balance in this entire Web3/Crypto space. The ENS Friday Night Happy Hour has been a virtual hub where 99% of the audience is ENS Community. This is a powerful platform, providing the needed therapy for all who are engulfed in the chase of the Next “This” or the Next “That”.
It’s a semi-virtual experience that gathers people together to have fun, while knowing the foundation of what all brought us together. I have been leading the ENS Friday Night Happy hour for almost 8 months with very little help from the entity (DAO) in which I am a part of. I have been able to secure donations from the ENS Maxis Team and Zero Zero Coins. Prior to that and still and currently I fund my own mini projects to earn funds to keep this idea flourishing.

I have submitted grant requests on a couple of occasions to the DAO, but have been unable to secure anything. I may not be a builder of code, but I have provided strong ideas for the DAO Team to implement. I may not be a builder of code, but I am a builder of people. I hope this message reaches the right people and those people think outside of the box. The ENS Friday Night Happy Hour is a “out of the box” concept and many see it as a pillar in the community. I hope to continue doing this each week. Although, not your traditional space, fun is underrated in the times we live in online and irl.


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Anyone can bring up topics on the call, and this post is an informal way to bring up ideas.

Although the twitter space is likely a valuable outlet for people to gather and discuss ENS, it sounds outside of what the Public Group working group wants to focus on since it specifically focuses on ENS.

There is a great thread, here, that goes deeper into the differences between the Ecosystem WG and Public Goods.

There may be some developers in the space that are working on project that better fit our criteria. I’ll try to listen in.

Edit: @meta8.eth Can you send me a message on the forum? I might be able to help you follow-up on this outside of the public goods working group.

Generally the same message. Can you also send me a dm here on the forum?