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2023 Public Goods WG Weekly Meetings


Time/Day – 1pm ET, every Thursday
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Agenda + Minutes

January 12, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes
January 19, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes
January 26, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes
February 2, 2023 – Agenda | Minutes


The Public Goods Working Group holds weekly calls. The calls are open to community members and the general public.

The Public Goods Working Group calls are led by the lead steward of the working group. The lead steward for Q1/Q2 2023 is @coltron.eth.

Details for the call are the same from week to week. If there is a change to a scheduled call, a comment will be posted in this thread to give notice.

If you have items that you would like to add to the weekly agenda please message any of the Public Goods stewards (@coltron.eth, @AvsA or @vegayp) through the messaging feature on this forum.

Comments on this thread are restrictred to Stewards. If you would like to discuss a Public Goods topic, please create a new post under #public-goods:publicgoods-discussion


January 26th, 2023


A) General DAO News
B) Small Grants Round
C) Project Highlights
D) Open space for additional topics or comments


A) General DAO News

B) Small Grants Round

Public Goods Small Grants voting is live until February 1st.

This round, we exlcuded approximately 2/3 of the submissions. A full review of this was posted by @coltron.eth, here.

The PG stewards will workt to clarify the eligibility, and with @gregskril to tweak to front-end to improve the submission experience.

Topics discussed around small grants:

  • Nomination systems as seen in Optimism’s retroactive funding.
  • Implementing an admin panel that can hold applications in a queue before they go public?
  • A feedback system that happens before voting goes live.

C) Project Highlights

Project highlights will begin following the current small grants round.

D) Open space for additional topics or comments

Please message any of the Public Goods working group stewards with feedback about the small grants process. The stewards are: @coltron.eth @AvsA @vegayp .


Feburary 2nd, 2023


A) General DAO News
B) Small Grants Round Results
C) Project Highlights (Revoke.Cash, GasHawk, Pairwise)
D) Open space for additional topics or comments

Please reach out to @Coltron.eth, @AvsA, or @vegayp if you would like to present a topic or be added to the agenda.


Minutes by: @daylon.eth

184.eth, 5pence, Accessor, Alex (AvsA), Coltron, Daniel Hannum, Danny Backhouse, Daylon, Eduardo, El Pinguino Frio, Francisco Simon, Greg Skriloff, hellenstans.eth, Le Penguin Stable Unit, Marcus Martinez, Pisco Sour, Rosco Kalis, YungSB

A) General DAO News

There are two proposals up for voting.

B) Small Grants Round Results

Details of the January round can be found, here, and the results are below:

Grant Name # Votes
Revoke.cash 534.5k ENS
GasHawk: Save on TX Fees 420.4k ENS
Pairwise: Tinder UX for web3 community 324.9k ENS
Inverter Network 134.9K ENS
Free DeFi Course 23k ENS
:arrow_right: Link to Results

C) Project Highlights (Revoke.Cash, GasHawk, Pairwise)

Revoke.cash presentedby Rosco - Revoke.cash
Revoke.cash is a website where you can connect your wallet and view your token allowances. Allowances are needed to transact on-chain, but leaving these allowances open can potentially be dangerous if the contract is exploited in the future. Scammers can also use phishing sites to get allowances that shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. The revoke.cash browser extension analyzes the site that sends an allowance request to your wallet and warns you of potentially fraudulent requests.

The website initially created in 2019, was always a basic interface. They recently released an overhauled web page with a better interface and some information about allowances.

It is important with a multi-chain ecosystem that we support as many chains as possible so users can stay safe everywhere.

Q: Is there a revoke-all button?
A: Unfortunately, that is impossible because every revoke must be a single transaction. To encourage people to read what they are signing, we don’t want to offer a solution that requests many repeating pop-ups for each transaction.

Q: Multi-chain is great, but I have to select each individually. It would be great if a button could scan all chains.
A: That would be great, but unfortunately is not possible.

Q: Are there any limitations to which transactions the browser extension picks up?
A: It picks up allowance requests from the wallet extension.

Q: Do you have a Spanish-speaking team?
A: One of the big things I noticed at Devcon in Bogota is a big community that doesn’t speak English. It is a good idea to translate the site into different languages. I have asked a few people to help with translations - currently, Spanish and Chinese.

GasHawk presented by Daniel - Gashawk.io
A product built by Corpus - a web3 venture studio, also building dm3 and token.it

A service that allows users to save gas on transactions.

A unique feature within GasHawk is that you are connecting your wallet to our RPC. The FAQ on the site walks you through the process. Unfortunately, we don’t have a one-click add to the network because we use the same chain ID as Ethereum.

We will soon have a feature on the site where you can enter an ENS domain or address, and we will show you how much gas you’ve spent over a period and how much you could have saved by using GasHawk.

We are using the full 1 ETH grant to reimburse users of GasHawk, within limits. We are excited to be able to give back to the community.

We have a simulated transaction feature through Tenderly.

Anyone that uses Ethereum can benefit from it, and saving money is a no-brainer.

Will present next week.

D) Open space for additional topics or comments

Safetransfer.cash presented by Le Penguin - Safetransfer.cash

This project is under development but allows users to avoid sending tokens to the wrong address.

A blog post and demo can be found, here.