Quarterly Report: State of ENS Q3 2022

To support the ENS community, we at Messari we have created a quarterly report entitled: β€œThe State of ENS Q3 2022”. The report was co-authored by myself @tech_metrics and my colleague @kelxyz_ at Messari.

Key Insights:

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) allows users to interact with wallets via human-readable domain names.
  • Despite market weakness, ENS monthly active addresses remain robust. While down 33% from the May 2022 peak, monthly active addresses are still 2.5x higher YoY.
  • ENS domain name registrations reached an all-time-high of 1.12 million in Q3’22, up 71% QoQ. Simultaneously, renewals grew 3x QoQ to over 100,000 in Q3’22.
  • Revenue from ENS name registrations and renewals decreased 17% QoQ in USD terms (up 30% in ETH terms), due to a 27% decrease in registration revenue in USD terms.
  • ENS treasury holds $185 million in unlocked funds and over $1 billion in locked tokens.

The full report is available here: https://messari.io/report/state-of-ens-q3-2022


Lots of interesting graphs, thank you for the report :)!