Re-proposal why airdrop registration eth fees for ens holders should be discussed by everyone

Seeing that the last time this topic was discussed was in January and it finally came to an end, I analyzed some and gave my suggestions

  1. I saw in the last discussion that ens is a non-profit organization. If so, it is even more important to airdrop the ens income to each ens holder. Otherwise, what is the meaning of the money in the wallet? Because the holders of ens are the supporters who really spend money, they will not use any competitors such as .bit, .nft domain names. As long as the base is large enough, the sustainable development of ens is the safest, even if only %5-%10 airdrops to holders This is also a necessary expense similar to advertising.

  2. What is unfavorable for the development of ens is nothing more than the existence of competitors, such as .bit, .nft domain name companies, although they advertise that they do not support emoj names, and even only need 1 consumption in a lifetime, but we still hold the reason for eth It’s because he is native and wants to get a return from the early ens investment, because 99% of everyone who comes to the cryptocurrency world is not someone who doesn’t want to make a profit, everyone expects the ens community to be strong enough, so it is more necessary to hold The early people with ens gave rewards, just like uniswap, their charm to attract customers is to hold uni to get community airdrops. This is a great advertising and marketing strategy. I don’t see any marketing on ens. A large amount of profit is not made in marketing, but it is not a for-profit organization in words, which is not conducive to the development of the community

  3. I will definitely assume that any part of the annual registration fee for the ens airdrop, even if it is 5%-10%, then the market value of ens will never be as low as it is now, they will attract a large number of investors, and the market is currently in a Great investment location, people need a reason to hold ens! As I said, because people in the crypto world are people who want to get rich, they certainly don’t use .eth domain names if they don’t hold ens, not to mention the once-in-a-lifetime consumption of competitors, so you have no reason to reject this Proposal, otherwise ens will only be replaced by a better .com domain name later, and the existence of dao will be meaningless at that time.

The registration fee for ens is actually quite high. If you really want ens to survive strongly in the crypto world, please everyone agree with this proposal, instead of hoarding a lot of profits without any marketing, the people who really make the community strong are users, yes ens holders, they have no reason not to get these benefits, unless these profits are for someone, then he will never airdrop to anyone

According to the current circulation of ens, the passive income of holding ens can be roughly calculated. This is the reason why people hold it and will hoard it wildly. Its market value is currently only 100 million, and it should be worth at least 100x unless you want to. In doing so, no one can refuse ens to go strong. If ens keeps going up, more speculators will join, and of course they will join the community. At present, the number of the community is far from reaching the total number of cryptocurrencies. This is a chain reaction.

Dear lord. Yeah we get it. You really want some free money. Give me your ENS name and I’ll send you 10$. Your posts today have ranged from literally begging for money in return for ideas to blatantly demanding another airdrop.

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No! I hope the hype ens makes a profit because he has enough room to anticipate and a lot of crypto people hold him need a simple reason to distribute the income to supporters like uniswap, this is just a suggestion, english It’s translated, I don’t want to bother the managers

+1 @inplco

not all of us are here for the ‘profits’ of a token - but you are welcome nonetheless @jone

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