I have many ENS Domains and am curious how the "reclaim deposit" works

Hi everyone!

I am interested in finding out more about

How does this work?
Why does it say each of the domains have ETH to get back?
Can I do them all at once if at all?
Has anyone else done this?

I could really use the ETH right now and if there is a way to these funds back into my wallet.

I would like some assistance and advice on doing it properly and the most economic way.

I play on registering more ENS with the funds and helping to build out a few names with subdomain structures and aiding some marketing efforts for ENS so these funds would be useful to my efforts for the community.

Thanks in advance !!

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I believe this is an older website that no longer has a functionality under the new registration process. In the past, users bid on a name for registration and that ether from their bid was held in a deed.

You should only need to sign in to your wallet and click ‘reclaim’ on each name you want to reclaim. There is no way to do a ‘batch reclaim’, unfortunately.

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These are for older domains only (2017-2018), when the domains were not rented with dollars, but with staked ether.

Thank you all for the feedback and clarification!!