Request for ENS website to link to third party websites such as Opensea

With the large amount of users onboarded, ENS website is basically like a search engine. As a user searches for their .ETH domain, if its taken, I wonder if ENS would be willing to put a “make an offer” button where it links to Opensea listing, or any other third party. Making it easier for people who want their domains to get it.

Many people new to crypto, such as myself, didn’t know about third party marketplaces when I first started. A simple link reduces the friction between those who want to buy, and those who have the domain. I think it would allow domains to get in the right hands of people in the long term.

I know this is something that would seem not aligned with current priorities and thought processes, but I think as the number of .ETH userbase has grown, the leadership team needs to consider what this “new large userbase” would also prefer. As a general principle, the leadership team needs to consider the new makeup of the .eth userbase (aside from this request etc.). In simpler terms, does the board of directors of decision makers and critical thinkers have a makeup reflective of the new userbase’s thinking.

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