Seeking Feedback: Agora's Proposal Lifecycle & Proposal Sponsorship Flow

GM ENS Governance!

Kent Fenwick here, I am the CTO of Agora and we are super happy to release our new proposal sponsorship and proposal lifecycle management flow to the ENS community for feedback.

Why did we build this?

We got this idea from talking with the ENS Meta-Gov team and worked with the amazing team at Karpatkey to develop a flow that we think will enable folks to build and make proposals seeking sponsorship easier.

The typical workflow between someone wanting to propose is a series of back and forths in a Telegram or email. Now, the proposer does all of the work. Prepares the description, prepares the calldata etc. simulate the proposal and test transactions, and finally, when ready, send it to a Sponsor to propose.

This allows the Sponsor to review the proposal in a nice interface, and puts the work on the proposer.

Watch a demo

Watch the Loom Video below from Agora’s very own Micheal Gingras who gives you a walkthrough of the key workflows.

How you can test it out

  1. Visit the preview URL:

  2. Setup a wallet on Sepolia to set as your test sponsor and then visit this page, for instructions on minting some Sepolia ENS.

  3. Go back to: and connect any Sepolia wallet that doesn’t have enough ENS to propose and click the Create Proposal button and go through the flow there.

  4. If you have any problems or feedback, please let us know here: Agora ENS Proposal Creation Feedback Typeform

Roadmap for this feature

There are few known issues and things we are looking to make better in the coming weeks.

  1. Creating an ENS list of approved sponsors vs. having to find the sponsor (need to consider SPAM problems here) but we will work out something.

  2. Speeding up the indexing. This is running on Agora’s Testnet and will be much faster in production when it comes to seeing your proposal indexed.

  3. Some minor UI issues and niceties.

Thank you

We appreciate all any feedback and are excited to continue making the ENS experience on Agora top notch. Look for more exciting announcements from Agora on this front soon!


cool feature! thanks for the update @kent_agora

Would love to see something similar to where proposals can gather support from several large or small wallets to meet the threshold vs gating something via preapproved sponsors


Thanks for the feedback!

Have you had a look at the Seeking Feedback: ENS Governor Upgrade to make proposing more accessible - #3 by kent_agora proposal we made about what that could look like?

There are a few competing ideas going around about how we could do that. We detailed the options in that discussion thread.

Hey Kent, thanks for sharing this update on Agora’s proposal flow. The Loom video your team provided goes into great detail about the process, explaining how a proposer can seek sponsorship from any delegate who meets the required thresholds for onchain and offchain proposals (100,000 & 10,000 ENS, respectively).

How can we ensure that the proposal flow maintains high integrity and prevents rogue proposers from seeking sponsorship? Can we limit the number of times a proposer can seek sponsorship within a certain period, encouraging them to think carefully before submitting a sponsor request?

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