September DAO Voting Window

September DAO Voting Window

Executable and Social proposals currently progressing through the governance forum will be put to a vote on September 28th.

Executable proposals have a seven-day voting window. Social proposals have a five-day voting window.


We received some valuable feedback from delegates around streamlining voting periods to help reduce the attention burden for delegates.

In response, the Meta-Governance working group is coordinating upcoming votes to go live on September 28th.

Some of these proposals are still in active discussion, and this list below will be updated as the end of the month approaches.

Expected Proposals

Title and Forum Link Description
[Executable] Fund the Endowment (second tranche) This proposal outlines the allocation of the second tranche of the endowment, comprising 16,000 ETH, from the ENS DAO to the ENS Endowment managed by Karpatkey.
[Executable] Refund .eth names affected by normalization updates This is a proposal to refund fees spent on .eth names that may be negatively affected by updates to the name normalization standard passed in EP 3.7 4, which relates to ENS-IP 15 — Name Normalization.

Potential Proposals

Title and Forum Link Description
Security advisory: A malicious DAO This is a potential social vote related to the “A malicious DAO update could reduce the registration duration of registered .eth 2LDs” vulnerability disclosed in the linked post. This social vote would serve as a formal temperature check from the community on the contract changes that have been suggested as remedies.

*This approach is a response to the feedback we received, so please continue to share comments and ideas with us as we iterate.