Service Provider Nominations Discussion

It’s a bit confusing to me, it does say 100%. How short am I?


Our forum posts have a “verified” badge with the vote count. While this is not as hard cryptographic proof as a signed message, I would consider that enough proof for the nomination threshold. Would you agree?

@hodl.esf.eth yes, if you have 10K “for” on your nomination then you’ve crossed the threshold.

On a side note to everyone: we are aware of issues with the nominations.ens.eth space. I have set up an alternate snapshot space at ens-streams.eth in which anyone with at least 0.1 ENS can post (snapshot required me to have some sort of minimum requirement). Please notice that this is just a way to facilitate the proof of ownership of these tokens, any other snapshot, or verified social media or even a signed message should do the same.

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I see your point there. Also good idea with the paragraph summaries. Will get after that asap.

Let me know if snapshot is better and we’ll go that route. Whatever works best.

There’s no actual proof that a forum account owns the account that they are claiming to be associated with; it’s operating mostly on the honor system so far.

Any of the methods provided in the doc will suffice for this instance. We can iron out the best practices for next time.

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Was able to post proposal in new Snapshot.

Looking for support for ENS anti-abuse project. Please provide support and/or comments in the new ens-streams snapshot here:

ENS Streams Nomination Proposal: ENS Anti-Abuse Tools (

I have recreated your endorsement link with the correct title. Here you go:

Ah I see. I thought we had a verification to have the badge…

Tried posting to snapshot, getting an error (proposal limit)

@AvsA With the technical issues, expressing my support for Tally on the forum with my current delegation of ~44k ENS. I look forward to seeing them on the final ballot.


I’ve been having issues with the snapshot site → Wasn’t able to post on the original link, and currently getting error that I don’t have enough ENS to create a proposal (I bought 100 ENS this morning)

@AvsA or anyone else → any chance you’d be able to make the vote on snapshot on my behalf? Snapshot :pray:

Outstanding to see Web3D/Gary and LCFR teamed up for this proposal. If this funding is approved, I’m confident there will be awesome developments shipped rapidly. Moreover, the proposed ENS developer ecosystem promises to facilitate a technical toolkit and community hub for veteran and novice ENS developers. This could have exponential impact on the quantity and quality of applications integrating ENS. Expanding the open source code library with boiler-plate ENS integrations is exciting.


Hmm. this broke my posted links as well.

Hey nick, how are you? sorry for the delay. We were traveling and I didn’t receive the message notification.

If we still have time to participate in the vote, the amount of 15,000.00 USD would serve as support for us to develop version 2.0 and bring the Linkeh dapp to the market for web3 users.

But we actually didn’t get the 10k nomination votes, because I don’t know other members of the community and this was our first time introducing Linkeh to the ENS community.

As we did not receive the 10k nomination votes, I believe we are no longer eligible to participate, but I really appreciate your attention for seeing our project.

We hope to have a more positive outcome in future grants, if any.

I appreciate your attention so far, nick.eth.

Best Regards,


The nominations have already closed. Also, 15,000 is way below the minimum range for this service.

Your project would not qualify for the service provider scope, you should look for a grant. Read up on and get involved more with the community to understand the grant opportunities and how they work.


Notice: an open discussion has been scheduled for December 11th at 1PM Eastern Standard Time. Service Provider Nominees and Delegates are encouraged to attend to discuss project proposals.

Meeting Information:

  • Date: Monday, December 11 · 1:00 – 2:00pm
  • Time zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Location: Spaces

perfect Alex, thank you very much for your feedback :saluting_face:

We’re happy to show initial wireframes for the DAO procurement platform we applied with.

Here, you can see the Dashboards that DAOs will use.
They can see open applications, finished work, their shortlist for Service Providers, and details of an ongoing project they selected.

This is where it gets exciting. ENS names as profiles for Service Providers. This will provide additional use cases for ENS well beyond what’s possible now.

A list of service providers that can be sorted or searched by trust level, expertise, or more, depending on community input. While SPs are encouraged to reach out to DAOs, the other way around is excellent too, and DAOs can actively solicit proposals from teams they are excited to work with.

Finally, the list of work that service providers can bid for using their ENS-powered profiles. Again, this is searchable by Tags, Specialisations required, budgets, and more.

We have seen the discussion about whether DAO tooling should be funded within this budget. We appreciate the candid thoughtfulness but think there is more to our application. What we propose is as much about extending ENS’ utility and providing more, and highly anticipated use cases as it is about building great DAO tooling.

We look forward to build here and are ready to go. Peace.

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Hi guys, I wasn’t sure where is the best place to comment about EP4.9 Voting Reports, so I decided to do it here. I wanted to comment to try and clarify some things specifically for us (Namespace).

Comment for @AvsA’s report:

2-3 teams are building similar stuff, but there’s only maybe about 50% overlap in our features. However, our approach to product building, go-to-market strategy, etc. is very different, and we still have a lot of features and innovations of our own.

As far as our product suite goes, and what makes us different than others, is some stuff we built like:

  • Subname price customization based on length
  • Different whitelisting options for minting
  • Deadline for commencing minting in the future (for auctions)
  • Search and Registration Services for both Names and Subnames
  • Token-gated minting for communities, so that only certain NFT holders can mint a subname.
  • Entire front-end to facilitate all these features so anyone can use them regardless of their tech or ens knowledge.
  • Widget that can be added to any website or blog (wordpress, wix, webflow, html website) with one line of code and allows anyone to sell ENS names and subnames directly from their website or blog. Currently live on Goerli, and the next step is to build it as a Wordpress plugin so it can be installed directly from the Wordpress marketplace so it can be installed even more easily.

I recorded a quick video about our entire Dapp and what we built so far, you can check it at the bottom of this post.

Comment for @matoken.eth’s report:

It seems like I failed to communicate what Namespace does and/or plans to do.

We were given a “no” on the following:

  • L2 and offchain subname
  • .eth registration and referral

L2s and offchain Subnames

We are a few months away from finishing a white-label solution for one wallet provider that plans on integrating ENS through Namespace’s API and wants to issue Subnames on L2 + have optional Account Abstraction implementation for different purposes, primarily for sponsored transactions. We are already building this and will be ready in Q1. After it’s ready, it will be available for everyone to use and implement using our documentation.

For Offchain Subnames, our basic implementation is already done. We haven’t built the front end yet and thus refrained from launching it. That will be up and running before the year ends most likely.

.eth Registration and referral

You can register .eth name on our website even right now. I believe that still works on our website (on mainnet) even though we discontinued some functionality while preparing for the official v2 launch. And not only that, you can register any ‘word’ from any listed 2nd-level Name that has that ‘word’ available as a Subname. Either for free or for a price. It depends on how the ENS parent name had set it up.

I also think our Widget plays very well into the narrative of Growth Hacking Referrals. Hopefully, by the time referrals are ready and we implement them, we will have already integrated the Namespace Widget with a lot of Websites and Blogs for which we can then just switch on the referral fee and allow them to make money when people register ENS names from their own websites and blogs.

I apologize if I wasn’t as clear in communicating the value proposition and the entire product suite behind Namespace. And thank you for writing your explanations and allowing me an opportunity to comment. I hope I was able to explain some stuff more clearly and I’m always happy to talk more if anyone wants to dive deeper.

I look forward to our Twitter Space on Monday. :saluting_face:

Here’s a quick Loom demo walking through some stuff we built.


Dear #ENS Delegates & Community Members :globe_with_meridians:

I’m excited to reach out & seek your invaluable support for Web3Domains/.com. Whether you’re a Delegate or a valued member of our ENS Community, your $ENS Vote is critical.

In simple terms, our mission is clear: We aim to make Web3Domains/.com the leading platform on Google, excelling in SEO and digital marketing, which is a primary source of information for developers and ens-users. This is crucial not only for our Current-users searching for information, but also for the multitude of Newcomers, (who will rely on Google to navigate the complex Web3 landscape for information).

Here’s a snapshot of what defines us:

  • Unwavering commitment to ENS, ensuring the continued growth of sovereign Web3.
  • Strong dedication to the principles of Open Source technology & systems.
  • Independence from VC funding, or other external influences.
  • Dedication to user-friendly, sovereign Web3 systems,
    …serving both Web3-ENS devs-and-newcomers.

The @Web3Domains_com Central Objective:
Empowering the ENS ecosystem with developer tools, and supporting new ecosystem users who find us via organic digital marketing.

Our team boasts distinguished Web3 and ENS individuals, such as:
@Lcfr_eth, @Zantron_eth, @UnfoldedLife, @GaryPalmerJr, & others, TBA. Here’s our plan:

:globe_with_meridians: For Web3 Developers:

~ENS-Web3 Documentation: Ensuring information is always up-to-date and accessible.
~Code Base Enhancements: Keeping ENS code aligned with evolving needs.
~Fully Open Source: Encouraging community collaboration.
~Encouraging Community Contributions: Creating an inclusive space for all to contribute.
~Optimizing Smart Contracts: Enhancing efficiency and accessibility on the mainnet.

:bust_in_silhouette: For End-Users:

~A User-Friendly ENS Management Platform: Simplifying ENS domain management, for users to mint, manage, and more.
~Unique and Existing Features: Elevating the user experience, including integrations and collaborations.

At Web3Domains/.com, our unwavering commitment is to fortify the ENS ecosystem through collaborative, open-source initiatives and innovations that prioritize user needs. We kindly request your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Remember, you can cast your VOTE for multiple projects! :ballot_box: #ENSDAO #Web3Domains

My DMs are open—Your feedback and recommendations are always welcome :seedling::pray:

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I will keep this section no as most others have already have that feature available. (I think there are other projects that listed offchain names but I didn’t add it because they didn’t the feature available)

Thanks for the clarification. I just added some score.

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I sent you a DM here with a demo that shows our work with L2 subnames.

I’ll probably send you another one for offchain subnames tonight or tomorrow when we build the front end for it so you can test it. :saluting_face: