Smart Contracts once next auction phase completes

I know the new auction phase for 3-6 character names is due to start soon. Once it finishes, and those shorter names are available in the same way longer names are at present, will it still be the same set of smart contracts that are used behind the scenes? Or will they be changed?


Are you asking from end user perspective or from developer who is going to integrate with our permanent registrar? From the end user perspective, it will become same as longer name (first come, first served basis with annual rent). The big difference is that shorter name will be more expensive (same price as the initial registration price of short name reservation process). From the dev perspective, we probably have to upgrade the controller contract so you may modify the contract address if you are hardcoding it.

I’m asking from a development perspective. I have a service which uses the current smart contracts and I need to know whether it will continue working, or will break, once the new auction phase completes.

Does anyone know the answer to this question? If the contract are going to change, when will the new ones be publicised? Thanks in advance.

Can you point me to your source code so I can check the impact, or is it closed source?

If you need to discuss privately, feel free to email me at [email protected]

We’ll be upgrading the registrar controller to support shorter names. The interface will remain the same, and if you use the recommended discovery method, you won’t have to change anything to make it work when the transition happens.

It’s closed source at present. I’ll check with my developer re: Nick’s comment below first before proceeding with emailing you. I fully appreciate the offer, though, thanks.

Thanks Nick, I’ll check in with my developer to see if that’s the case.