SNAPSHOT 2.0 Needs to happen

Make sure your on the Daos next twitter space, Mitch.

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I do not represent you. I only represent the 6 people who have delegated their ENS tokens to me. Plus, I genuinely thought ‘degen’ was a compliment but sure take the high road. Instead of huffing and puffing, write a meaningful proposal, convince the people who have the voting power (not me, I am a degen), and get your airdrop. Perhaps contact your delegate, if you are not self-delegating. I am literally on every twitter space, catch me any time.

PS. Who is Bloom? Do I know this person?

You know. Don’t back track now.

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Bloom capital is who Bloom is. Thos spreading on twitter now. Why is the poll closed? Im trying to vote yes.

That was an example of a vote, not the vote itself. Please write a proposal, mark it under ‘Temp Check’, and attach the vote with proper choices therein. Who is Bloom Capital? I have no idea honestly. Thank you for your input CrazyIronKing, who joined 18 minutes ago…

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Glad you can read when i joined… i told you this is being talked about on twitter. Alot of us domain holders have no clue about this little forum board as a whole.

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That is actually really nice. I am glad people are getting themselves heard; it has been hard to onboard people all the way to here. The best way forward is to write a proposal with the ideas that have been discussed on Twitter, have a discussion here with the delegates who will be voting on your proposal, and then have the vote. Good luck!


Ohh okay do you guys have propsal template already up? Yeah about to post in the 999 club and 10k club discord as well.

Good luck on bringing more people in

Yes, proposal template can be found in the Governance Docs.

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Thanks for the s/o @Coltron.eth ! Think the rest of the folks in the Community WG are definitely making a difference. @Sad, if you’d like to get involved and make a difference with us, head over to the Community Dashboard for more info on how to start!


Are you on the governance forums (I dont know and I’m catching up myself) but on there was a vote which passed to close for Air Drops as well as having had asked in the Discord channel.

There is a flow/organizational chart floating around here: Map of all ENS Contracts - ENS - Interplanetary Forum and on the Discord Channel to give you an idea of the structure. I was reading through some RFP formats and pRFP items on the forums and believe we would have to send the request to a steward or delegate and they’d submit it for a vote (theres also nothing that would trigger an emergency vote per discord.)

They should have capped the total number of air drops based on growth and scaled it out for all members that are a party to its outcome and that have participated in some form or another thru social media, forums, or even investing/flipping the tokens.

The money went back into the treasury to be locked for the DAO. That is what I have been able to determine but cannot find the “vote” within the governance forums; maybe someone else can find it.


Still think a second one should happen not changing my mind. But I hear y’all.

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No I’m not up to date the current way they have a 2007 forum to do their voting is weird. It’s like they keep it in the background so nobody ask where the money is going.

The DAO definitely gained a market cap from the infusion of all the ENS purchases, especially with the hard outcome of the BAYC land sale, my faith is in ENS because the utility is in it’s service. Would love a 2nd drop.

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They don’t care about what the masses want. They need to audited. Can’t wait till we get to vote a new President or head. Because it will be Bloom.

What does Orlando Bloom has to do with ENS? Next Director elections are in 2024.

Again this clown trying to be funny. An a vote can take place before just like anything else. An you’ll see who bloom is soon enough.

Anything is possible. I mentioned some days ago as well that you can write a proposal and find a delegate with 10,000 ENS tokens for a Snapshot vote.

If there are no more questions about how to propose a second airdrop, I’m going to close this thread. The cynicism and negativity don’t accomplish anything but derail constructive dialog. Edit - nevermind, I have no power here. :melting_face: