Step 3 going to metamask but not starting transaction

Good morning everyone. Trying to register a domain, already went through step 1 and step 2, when i press step three for the final transaction, it opens metamask but nothing happens. I have my account funded, so this is not the issue.
Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Restart the browser.

Dear inplco
Thank you for your kind reply. As you can probably imagine, I already did that.
I was doing the registration in iOS Safari, connecting to mm and first transaction went through.
I could start all over from the browser, but the first transaction would be lost, bc when i open the same page in Safari macOS, it is starting from the beginning.
Is there something i can do? Or just forget about it and restart?
Thank you again.

That’s not how it works. The first transaction has been recorded on the Blockchain as a commitment by your wallet. You can change as many browsers as you want; as long as you try to register from the same wallet, your first transaction will remain valid for 7 days.